Product Rave: “Model in a Bottle” Makeup Setting Spray

Hi beauties,

I recently purchased this makeup setting spray called “Model in a Bottle”. As read on the bottle it gives a matte finish. I bought it off of Amazon for 18$. Setting sprays are very important for all makeup artists to have in their kits. They are great to use for special events or night-outs when you really want your makeup to stay PUT! I have tried other setting sprays in the past but none of them truly blew me away…until now…! This truly is like hairspray for your face. It will set your makeup beautifully.

ImageYou are getting 1.7 FL OZ (50mL) which is quite good for the price. It is also paraben free which is a plus and claims to not clog your pores – this is especially important for someone like me with extremely sensitive skin! If you are looking for an affordable setting spray I would definitely try this one out. I am not sure where else this is sold as living in Canada I usually order a lot of my products online, but I will definitely say you can order it off of Amazon or Ebay.

xox Julia

(Instagram: juliasallure)

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