Hi loves!

It’s that time again… monthly favorites! I personally love to see monthly favorites… it always excites me and I usually want to go out and buy a bunch of products that I see other people have been loving hehe. Here are my March Favorites 🙂

1. Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray

I posted a review about this stuff here on my blog. It is definitely a must have! I ordered it off of amazon for $18.00 CAD which isn’t too costly! It is definitely worth it. It is literally hairspray for your face – your makeup will not move after spritzing your face with this stuff. I have been loving it this month!

2. Sigma E25 Blending brush and Sigma E30 Pencil brush

These brushes are a MUST have for any shadow wearers & makeup artists. The E25 Blending is amazing for the crease – it will pack in the color beautifully while also giving a nice even blend. The E30 Pencil is amazing for being very precise in the crease or packing in the color in your outer V. I also love it for applying shadow underneath the water line. These two brushes are just amazing and they retail for $12.00 USD on the Sigma website.

3. Estee Lauder “Heatwave” highlighter

The highlighting Gods have struck again. This product was also mentioned here in my blog in my “Battle of the Highlighters” post. Simply said, it is such an AMAZING highlight. It is the perfect soft golden color that will give you that JLO glow that we all love. It is so pigmented and applies like a dream. Not blotchy at all… very smooth and it has a “gel-like” formula which is just perfection. Unfortunately it is a Limited Edition product but I found mine off of EBay.

4. Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream

I have literally been using this stuff every day for cleaning my eyebrows up once I’ve filled them in. I use the shades Natural Beige (07) for my brow bone because it is lighter and gives a nice highlight and Warm Beige (01) for above my brows because it is a little darker and will blend better with my foundation. It is a drier consistency so it really stays put and doesn’t bleed into my brows which is a must! It does an excellent job around the brows. I have even used it under my eyes but it can be a little drying. It is also great for concealing blemishes! It retails for $4.99 USD on the Milani website. (

5. NYX Cosmetics Blush in Cinnamon

I am obsessed with orange blushes! I have had my eye on this NYX blush in Cinnamon because it is such a gorgeous color!! It retails for $5.00 USD which is an amazing price because it is so pigmented and long-lasting. Definitely get your hands on some NYX blushes – you won’t regret it!

6. Jordana Eye Shadow Base

I also wrote a review on the blog about this product. It is a dupe for the MAC Paintpot in Painterly and it is only $1.99 USD which is AMAZING! I have been using it every day when I apply eye shadow and I absolutely love it. Such an amazing product and you just cannot beat the price.

7. Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose

I am obsessed with the Nivea Lip Butters!!! They are my favorite lip balms by far. So moisturizing and the scented ones just smell amazing! I recently found the Raspberry Rose one in Canada at my local Walmart and was so excited because I was dying to try out this particular Lip Butter. This one smells AAMAZZINGG!!! I also love it because it is a milky pink color and makes your lips look pretty! Definitely a big favorite this month!

8. Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

This thing is amazing!! I comes in a little metal tin container and inside is a sponge and you just swipe your brush back and forth against it to remove eyeshadow color and then switch to the next color. The Duo also has a wet sponge in the center for wet make up application. It is such a time saver and is sooo convenient for eye shadow wearers and makeup artists so you don’t have to go through a bunch of different brushes because you can easily just swipe your brush back and forth a few times on the Color Switch Duo and booom! On to the next color. Amazing. It retails for $20.00 USD on the website (

9. NYX Cosmetics Butter Glosses

I also did a post on these Butter Glosses from NYX – which goes to show these products have really been my favorites this month. These are just amazing lip glosses – so *buttery* and pigmented! They retail for $5.00 USD which is also an amazing price for the product! I have three shades in Crème Brulee, Merengue and Apple Strudel. Gorgeous shades.

Hope you guys enjoyed my March Favorites! xoxox

Julia ❤

(Instagram: @juliasallure)

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