Wet n Wild: Megalast Lipsticks (Lip Swatches)

WET N WILD + 171

Hi my beauties ❤

I wanted to share with you all my TOP favorite drugstore lipsticks: the Wet n Wild MegaLast lipsticks. I believe there are 20 lipsticks in this collection. I have 12 out of the 20. I absolutely ADORE them. They retail for under $3.00 which is AMAZING! You are honestly getting a great quality product. They are super pigmented and long-wearing. The only negative thing I could say about them is their packaging. As you can see in the photo it is not that appealing and it is definitely not the sturdiest. Other than that – I am in love. Some of the shades can get a little drying because they are more on the matte side so definitely make sure you have moisturized lips before application.

Here are lip swatches of the shades I have from lightest to darkest. (10 shades in total)













There are the 12 lip swatches of my collection. As you can see the pigmentation is just insane – so so so opaque. For those of you who may be a little intimidated by bright colors or dark vampy ones but you want to try them but don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ for a color you may not be sure about, definitely try these out! They are less than $3.00 and if you don’t like the color it won’t be a huge loss. I can’t get enough of these colors and I honestly reach for them more than some of my higher end brands. I hope these swatches helped you guys out a bit to get a better idea of  the colors. As I said these are not the only colors in the collection – just the 12 that I purchased & love.

❤ Julia ❤

(Instagram: @juliasallure)

9 thoughts on “Wet n Wild: Megalast Lipsticks (Lip Swatches)

  1. This is such a fun post! I loved it ❤ also, YOUR NAILS are gorgeous lol I think I always comment on them and trying to process it through my head that they are your real nails.

  2. I LOVE Wet n Wild. Randomly found your blog when looking up the new NYX Macaron lippies. Just so you know, there are 26 shades in total. And there is also an additional 14 shades in the Wet n Wild Fergie Center stage Collection (4 of which are limited edition). Check it out! I actually own them all so that tells you they are good. Lots of dupes of Mac among them so that’s a plus. If I ever start my own blog as I’ve been contemplating I’ll link my post lol. It’s interesting to see how the colors pop differently on your skin tone. I’m more dark caramel (NW45) and I always rave about this brand. I think the shades are all wearable on any skin tone…Love the clean look of your blog btw. =)

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