JUNE FAVES + 043It’s that time… June Favorites!! ❤

So I know I missed last month’s favorites – but I definitely am making up for it this month with all of my June Favorites. I have been loving a lot of products this month and am excited to share them with you all! In no particular order here are my June Favorites

1. Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Highlighter in “Golden Lights”


I am seriously so obsessed with this highlighter! If you know me, you know that I LOVE golden highlighter’s and this one has been my favorite lately – it’s all i’ve pretty much been using. It just gives the perfect golden glow and is just stunnnning!!!! ❤ It retails for $5.55 CAD and you can purchase it from the Makeup Revolution website: www.makeuprevolutionstore.com (I have a swatch of it on my blog post on a Makeup Revolution haul)

2. Makeup Revolution: Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers in “I Fall In Love” & “Keep Flying For You”


Sticking with the Makeup Revolution theme – I am truly in love with these Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers. This month I have been loving the shades “I Fall In Love” and ‘Keep Flying For You”. They are the perfect Summer shades! They dry completely matte and are extremely pigmented. I have swatches of those two colors also on my Makeup Revolution haul post! These lipsticks retail for $5.55 CAD and you can also purchase them on www.makeuprevolutionstore.com

3. L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara


This mascara is fairly new and I have been using it a lot this month. I have been really loving it! It gives length and volume and it’s just overall a great mascara. You can purchase it at any drugstore that sells L’Oreal!

4. L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector: Pore Vanisher


Being someone who struggles with enlarged pores I am always on the hunt for a product that deals with helping the issue. I had heard great things about this Pore Vanisher so decided to give it a try. I have been actually really liking it and have been using it pretty much every day this month. I have found my pores to seem slightly less enlarged while using this which I like. Unfortunately I have not found a product that has made my pores dissappear but this one does a good job in lessening the appearance! I believe it was around $23.00 CAD and I picked it up at Walmart.

5. Whitening Lightning: Color Your Smile Lighted Lipgloss in “Coral Craze”


I am truly a fan of these Whitening Lightning glosses. They are soo pigmented and are just overall great glosses. I have really been loving gloss this Summer and this month I have been loving the shade “Coral Craze” by this company. It’s the perfect light coral shade that compliments any skin tone! You can purchase it from the website www.whiteninglightning.com and I also have a 25% off discount code which is JULIASALLURE. ❤

6. Luxie Lush Rose Gold Round Top Blender


 This brush is such an amazing brush. Not only is it gorgeous to look at but it is such amazing quality as well! It retails for USD$18.00 and this is what it says on the website:

The Luxie Lush Rose Gold Angled Top Buffer Face Brush is a 100% Animal Cruelty Free brush with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are soft to the touch. With its Vegan makeup qualities from bristles to ferrule this Rose Gold brush is a must have in your makeup collection. Coated with a revolutionary antibacterial solution for minimal brush cleansing, your brush remains fresh and clean for longer periods of time. The density of the brush allows for an even application without any wasted product and does not absorb the product into the bristles.

I have been loving a lot of their brushes this month but have been using this one the most in particular as it’s amazing for foundation and blending out anything on your face! You can purchase it from their website which is www.luxielush.com

7. La Femme Pressed Eyeshadow in “Brown”


I am a big fan of La Femme products. You can purchase them on www.makeupmania.com or www.camerareadycosmetics.com. They are inexpensive and have the most amazing pigmentation. I love their blushes and eyeshadows. I have been loving this Pressed Eyeshadow in the shade “Brown” for contouring my face. I feel it’s the perfect shade – not too dark, not too light and not too orange! It’s obviously a great eyeshadow especially in the crease but I have been loving using it for sculpting out my cheek bones and nose! I bought this eyeshadow in Pan form because I keep it in my Z Palette. In the pan it retails for CAD $3.74 which is such a steal! It’s also bigger (almost twice the size) of a regular sized eye shadow.

8. Forever 21 Baked Bronzer


I picked up this Baked Bronzer from Forever 21 a couple months ago and have been using it like crazy this month! It’s so beautiful – it’s a coppery metallic shade and gives the most lumious glow to your cheeks. It originally came in a plastic container but I depotted it to put it into my Dome Z Palette. 🙂  I like to use it to warm up my cheekbones and the contour I apply to my face. I am not sure if it is still available at Forever 21 but you can check the store or the website or maybe find it off of EBay or Amazon. I believe it was around CAD $7.00 – $8.00 and is totally worth it! It is very similar to the MAC Mineral Skin Finishes. Love this product!

9. Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray


This Summer I have been going crazy for that dewy look on the skin. I have been using MAC’s FIX + to set my makeup but this month I ordered this Cinema Secrets “Moisture Spray” because I heard rave reviews about it. I am all for the dew so I had to try this out. I ordered their biggest size (8 oz) which is CAD $14.95 on the www.camerareadycosmetics.com website. The price is great considering Fix plus is a lot more expensive for less product! This Moisture Spray is great! I love using it to set my makeup and you can even use it to thin out your foundation so it’s not as thick. You can use it without any makeup on as well just to moisturize and refresh your skin. It has all great ingredients which actually help your skin and it has not broken me out! (I have extremely sensitive skin). Love this product!

10. Sunna Claore Cosmetics: Lipsticks in “Supermodel” & “Spicy Rella”


I did a blog post on these Sunna Claore Cosmetics lipsticks – they are amazing! They retail for USD$10.00 and you can purchase them off of the website http://sunnaclaorecosmetics.com/ This month I have been loving these two shades in Supermodel and Spicy Rella. Supermodel is a gorgeous pinky nude shade that gives you the perfect nude pout and Spicy Rella is a flaming Hot Orangey Red which is perfect for summer. I love orangey shades!! I have swatches of these lipsticks and more on my blog if you scroll down xox. I also have a 5% discount code you can use on the site which is “Julia”.

11. Morphe Brushes: 35N – 35 COLOR MATTE PALETTE



I was sent this palette by the company called Morphe Brushes and have absolutely been LOVING IT!!! I was so surprised with the amazing pigmentation in this palette. I have the 35N “35 Color Matte Palette”. You truly have all the colors you need for any gorgeous neutral look which if you know me, is right up my alley. I am obsessed with the orangey terracotta shades in this palette and have been using this palette all month! Definitely worth the money. It retails for USD $19.95. You can buy it from their website which is www.morphebrushes.com They also sell a bunch of amazing brushes which I also have been loving!

Alright loves, that’s it for my June 2014 favorites! I hope you guys enjoyed them and I cannot wait to see yours!

Julia ❤


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