KIKO: MAKEUP MILANO & WJCON (Makeup haul & Swatches + Whisper of Gilt DUPE!)

KIKO 008

Hi beauties!

My sister Lisa (@ladolcelisa) has just returned from a 3 month trip where she was visiting her boyfriend in Rome, Italy. Being the amazing sister that she is, she really spoiled me with Italian makeup goodies! She brought me back a few items from the stores “KIKO: Make Up Milano” & “Wjcon”. They are two very popular makeup stores from Italy. I know that KIKO is actually branching out – you can find it throughout Europe and I also heard that they have opened up one store in New Jersey which is cool! Here’s some photos and swatches of everything she bought me ❤

KIKO “Infinity” Eye Shadow

(She bought me three but bought a small 3 pan palette to put them in – you can buy them individually)

KIKO 015

KIKO 011

KIKO 013

KIKO 036

These shadows are beautifully pigmented and sooo buttery. I love them! They retail for EUR 4,90

Wjcon Baked Eyeshadow #205

KIKO 019

KIKO 017

KIKO 040

Totally in love with this baked highlighter. Very pigmented and would also make a lovely highlighter I’m sure! It is EUR 5,90.

Wjcon “Soft Mousse Eyeshadow”

KIKO 029

KIKO 030

KIKO 027

KIKO 035

These “Soft Mousse Eyeshadow’s” by Wjcon are SO gorgeous. They are exactly that – a mousse consistency but it will dry completely waterproof on your lids. I seriously cannot wait to experiment with these shadows. Just look at the pigmentation! They retail for EUR 6,90.

Wjcon “Pulpy Mat Lip” #6


KIKO 057

KIKO 064

This color is such a gorgeous bubble gum pink shade and it is SO pigmented! I am not sure how much it cost.. but I do believe it is a limited edition item so that sucks! But I seriously love it ❤

Now I saved the best for last… My Whisper of Gilt dupe!

KIKO: Water Eyeshadow #208

KIKO 020

KIKO 021

KIKO 023

KIKO 045

(One picture won’t do it justice. Look at that beauty! I actually made my sister buy me two of them. This was the only makeup item I knew about and told her to get me – everything else she surprised me with!)

KIKO 055

Here are comparison swatches of the KIKO #208 one, along with the two LIMITED EDITION and highly sought after M.A.C “Whisper of Gilt” & Estee Lauder “Heatwave” highlighters. The KIKO one is truly IDENTICAL to Whisper of Gilt & Heatwave. If anything Heatwave is slightly more white gold than the MAC & KIKO ones. Their textures and everything are identical. The KIKO one retails for EUR 8,90. I don’t believe you can buy these products online but you may luck out on Ebay or Amazon. If you live in Europe it should not be a problem finding these products as well as if you live in New Jersey. Hope you guys liked this post & check out my amazing sister’s instagram as she posts the most gorgeous photos (@ladolcelisa) ❤

xoxo Julia ❤


5 thoughts on “KIKO: MAKEUP MILANO & WJCON (Makeup haul & Swatches + Whisper of Gilt DUPE!)

    1. Hi Shanabaybie, I sold one recently on FB. You should join groups on there that do makeup sales and swaps…Ive seen people sell these type of items and as well as on Instagram.

      1. Hi Trisha F, thank you for your response. Actually I don’t have a facebook account, but I do have Instagram. I follow many makeup artists, but never came across a person selling the Kiko eye shadows 208, by any chance do you have an extra one for sale or can you get one from a store in your area that you might be willing to sell?

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