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So if you’re familiar with my blog and Instagram (@juliasllure) then you know of my obsession with the Whitening Lightning & Gerard Cosmetics lipglosses. I have them swatched on my blog here. Naturally, I was EXTREMELY excited when I saw that they were releasing lipsticks to their line Gerard Cosmetics! The company was kind enough to send me their new lipsticks for a review. At the moment they have 5 lipsticks a part of their collection – I hear that they will be adding more as well. They also re-vamped their lipgloss tubes to a gorgeous golden look to go with the gold packaging of their lipsticks. Let’s take a moment to just admire the luxurious golden packaging!WHITENING LIGHTNING 002The lipsticks are sleek and simple – with the name of the company written clearly on the tube. (btw Gerard Cosmetics is the same company as Whitening Lightning – Whitening Lightning is geared now more towards teeth whitening which you can purchase from their website here. Gerard Cosmetics is the sister brand that is focusing on solely cosmetics. You can purchase the lipsticks from their cosmetics website: Gerard Cosmetics 


 Each lipstick retails for $19.00 but I have a 25% off code you can use at checkout which is “juliasallure”. You can also get further deals on their website as they offer bundle deals of their lipsticks/lipglosses for a cheaper price as well as using the code 🙂


The shades are extremely gorgeous and pigmented. They are all pretty matte feeling in my opinion but don’t dry out the lips like a usual matte lipstick would.


Here are the swatches on my lips






Aren’t they just stunning shades? I am completely in love! The bright pink one in “All Dolled Up” is such a M.A.C “Candy Yum-Yum” dupe.. I might even like it more. For those who are crazy about the much talked about Kylie Jenner lip “1995” was created by the Youtube Guru Jaclyn Hill to mimick the shade Kylie wears. It’s a stunning sultry fall shade. Not to mention the perfect “Nude” lipstick they created based on their top selling “Nude” lipgloss. I truly love all of the shades they created and cannot wait until there’s even more added to the line!


Hope you guys liked this post! xoxo Julia ❤

20 thoughts on “*NEW* GERARD COSMETICS LIPSTICKS (Swatches & Review)

  1. Finally the website is working and I just got the “Jaclyn 1995” lipstick today…used your code. Tnx 🙂

  2. Loved this post! Do you know of any dupes for the shade 1995? Shipping to the UK for one lipstick is a tad expensive! Thank you!

  3. I just got these lipsticks a couple weeks ago and I love the pigmentation of them (I got nude and 1995) the only thing that I didn’t like and no one ever mentions it, is that they smell a little funky.

  4. Hey Julia,
    I’ve followed you on Instagram for a really long time. I absolutely adore the looks you create, and have recreated so many of them to wear to school and work. I just wanted to give some feedback on your blog just because I’ve been such a fan. As I was reading through the past couple blog posts I’ve missed, I noticed that I liked everything and would leave the blog wanting to buy everything you review. This made me a little skeptical and I realized that you never really have anything negative to say about any of the products that you review (at least that I’ve seen). Most of your reviews say that the products are “extremely pigmented,” that they have “gorgeous colors,” etc. But it would be so helpful if you could include other things that I’d need to know before buying. Other sites, like Temptalia for example, do give precautions. I bought the M.N. Me lipsticks because you gave them such a good review, but I didn’t know that they’d be so drying and that they would chip off, too. Stuff like that. Or whether you need multiple swipes to achieve perfect coverage with a lipstick. Maybe the smell isn’t perfect. Or the formula can be a tad drying. Right now your blog has such beautiful pictures and ideas, but I feel that it’s missing the other helpful stuff that other makeup review blogs do share with their readers.

    Obviously, you don’t owe me a thing, and it’s your blog to run. I just wanted to let you know because I’ve been such a huge fan of yours. I don’t want to have to go to other blogs to make sure of a product’s value because I’m skeptical of your 100% positive review. I want to just read your review and know. Again, thanks for the blog and all your work. I love it.

    1. Hey love thank you for your feedback & I completely understand! At this point pretty much all the stuff on my blog I review I do absolutely love. I would never give the wrong impression but like you said no product is perfect & everyone has a different opinion or outlook so I will try to better my blog in that sense! Thank you beauty.

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  5. For years, I used Gerard Lipsticks through a lady in the Beauty Salon I frequented.
    She no longer handles merchandise.
    I want to purchase the Lipsticks of Gerard but mine are known by the number on each case.
    Can you help me buy the Old Lipsticks of Gerard by number?
    Sydell Herrick

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