Hi beauties!

I recently placed an order from the online website Naimies specifically for these Kryolan Matte Eye Shadows. I’ve seen Kryolan products online before and was familiar that the brand is used often for stage makeup and is marketed as a “Professional Makeup Brand”, hence why you won’t find it at your local Sephora. I haven’t really heard much talk about their eye shadows and even when I went searching for swatches online I didn’t find that many. I did however hear, here and there, that their eyeshadows were really good and extremely pigmented. So being the makeup addict and fanatic that I am, I just had to place a *small* order online. Even though I really, truthfully do not need any more eyeshadows!!! Ah, but it’s such an addiction. hehe. I also heard that the popular brand “Illamasqua” that you can find at Sephora is actually the same company as Kryolan. The manufactuers and everything are the same but they are just marketed differently. How cool is that? It definitely explains the awesome quality and the plus side is the amazing, less expensive prices!


So off of the Naimies website I bought the shadows in the pan so I could stick them in a Z Palette, which is my favorite way of storing my eyeshadows. They retail (in the pan) for $6.20 USD. The price is honestly extremely good considering the size of the product AND the quality! Here is a comparison of a Kryolan shadow to a MAC one.


Kryolan (left) // MAC (Right)

The Kryolan shadow is pretty much twice the size. You are getting 2.5 g of product which is ALOT for an eyeshadow.

The only killer for me was the shipping to Canada. It was a whopping $20.00! That’s quite a lot but honestly it was so worth it. I did order 2 blushes and an extra eye shadow but they were apparently out of stock and will be shipping me them as soon as they arrive. I heard that they have a Naimies store in L.A. somewhere, so if you live there you’re in luck!

Now for the swatches (No primer used):





Let me just say, when I swatched these I was in complete awe. They are literally the most buttery and pigmented shadows I have ever swatched. No joke. The only 2 shades that did not quite feel as buttery as the others were “Eggplant” and “Highlight”. For some reason they didn’t have the same extremely silky, buttery texture. As you can see they’re still quite pigmented but the formula was a bit different. I believe they have over 90 matte shades. These are just the few I picked out (I’m desperately trying not to order more right away!) They also have shimmer shades that I have not tried yet but don’t be surpised if you see them in the future… hehe.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with these shadows. Honestly I can’t even explain the texture. Just amazing and for $6.20 it’s a steal! Especially because you’re also getting double the size of a regular eye shadow. I’m just in love ❤ Here is a link to the matte eyeshadows if you guys are intrested.

❤ Julia


  1. That is sooooooooo pigmented! We have a Kryolan stall here in one of the malls. I’ll check them out next time! Great post!

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