Hi loves

this is the first pictorial that I’ve done so I hope you guys find it informative! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for videos and youtube tutorials and I definitely am aiming to start those soon but for now here is a pictorial on a basic cut-crease look that I love to do! You can obviously substitute the colors and use whatever colors you prefer!

For this look I used the Sigma Beauty “Smoke Screen” palette.

Step 1. I use an angled brush to create a line just above my natural crease. I used the shade “Thunderhead”. This makes my crease appear larger and overall it makes the cut-crease look much more defined.

Step 2. I then use a smaller blending brush to blend out the “Thunderhead” shade and I also added the shade “Haze”.

Step 3. I am now using a pencil brush to pack in the darker color “Almost Jet” and “Atmosphere” to the crease to define it much more.

Step 4. Using a flat fluffier brush I am packing the shade “Misty” to my lid. This is a gorgeous pale pastel purple from the palette.

Step 5. I am now using an angled brush to apply my gel liner. I used the Sigma Gel liner in “Wicked” here.

Step 6. Time for lashes. I am using the Huda Beauty lashes in “Samantha” here for this look. I like to apply my lashes with a tweezer because it helps me get as close to my lash line as I possibly can!

Step 7. I am using a pencil brush to pack on the shade “Almost Jet” and “Atmosphere” to my bottom lash line and then I blended it out.

Step 8. I am packing on my highlight to my inner tear-duct. This truly makes the eyes pop and I personally always have to apply a highlight to the inner corner. Here I used the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in “Goldmine”.

Volia! There is the finished look. I added mascara to my bottom lashes, but you don’t have to. It’s just personal preference and I feel it really completes the look and opens up the eyes even more. I also added a brown eye liner to my waterline but you can use any color you prefer or choose not to add anything at all! I hope you guys liked this and found it informative. Let me know if you would like more pictorials! Xo Julia ❤

Here is a link to the Sigma palette I used if you guys are interested: Smoke Screen Palette & Gel Liner

Here is a link to the Huda Beauty Website

15 thoughts on “CUT-CREASE PICTORIAL

  1. Ooooo! I’ve been a big fan of yours since I found your page on ig. I’m always bugging u about a YouTube channel lol but this was awesome! More pictorials would be sweet! I looove the way U do your eyeshadow & highlight !✨ my ig is mmmakeup.m

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