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Hi beauties!

Today I will be reviewing this beautiful “35U Multi-Color Shimmer Palette” by Morphe Brushes. The company sent me some of their products for review and this is one of the palettes I was sent. Although I was sent this, as usual I will always give my 100% honest opinion. You can purchase this product on the companies website and they have a store in Burbank, California. The palette retails for USD$19.99 which I must say is a great deal for the amount of product you are getting and most importantly the quality!

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The palette itself is very simple. It’s plastic & all black with the “Morphe Brushes” name on the front and on the back there is a little sticker in the bottom right corner with the code number of the palette. This one is the 35U palette which is an all shimmer palette with a few satin colors in it.

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This palette is nice because the shadow pans are larger for the amount of shadows you get, which is 35 shadows. I really appreciate the size of the pans. There is also a great variety of colors in this palette. The only downfall is that there are a few similar colors that could have been avoided but that usually happens when you buy palette’s like these with such a large amount of shadows.

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Some shadows are more pigmented than others. I found the really metallic ones to be really creamy and pigmented while a few of the satin ones didn’t have as great of a color pay off.

Now for the swatches. I did not use a primer for these. I swatched them from the top row down, going from left to right.

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As you can see they are all extremely pigmented for the most part. I was really pleasantly surprised at the amazing quality of them! I really love this palette and think it’s such an amazing deal. You’re honestly getting extremely great quality and not paying half as much as you would from other companies. I also have the 35N palette which is an all matte neutral one by them and I adore that one as well! Overall I definitely say yes to this product and this company. They also make outstanding brushes for such a cheap price as well! Let me know if you’d be interested in a favourite brush post or something along those lines.

xox Julia ❤


  1. Do you have a post with swatches from the 35N palette? I’ve been looking online and can’t find anything! Trying to decide between that palette and individual eyeshadows. Thanks 🙂

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