Laura Geller: Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey

DSC00586 Hi beauties! I’m here again today writing this post with much excitement! I have come across yet another beautiful golden highlighter that is a total MUST-HAVE for all you highlight fanatics like myself. Let me tell you it is a dupe for the popular Estee Lauder “Heatwave” & very similar to MAC’s “Whisper of Gilt” as well. (I will be posting comparison swatches below) This stunning highlight is by Laura Geller and it’s part of her new Baked Gelato Swirl line. She came out with two highlighters or “Illuminators” so far. This one is called “Gilded Honey” and it’s a stunning golden shade. There is also another one called “Ballerina” which is more on the pink/rose gold side. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for GOLD highlights so “Gilded Honey” was a must. On the plus side, I believe this highlight is permanent! Yay. It’s really hard to find these highlighters in Canada at the moment so I had to order mine from Nordstrom. This highlight retails for USD$26.00. You can also order it online from the Laura Geller website or in stores at Ulta or QVC (for those living in the U.S) DSC00543 copy DSC00547 You are getting 0.16oz of product which is pretty average. It states that this powder feels more like a cream and transfers a beautiful glow to the face. If you’re used to the Estee Lauder Gelee formula or the MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finishes, then you will know the texture of these – they are pretty much exact. DSC00554 DSC00559 The packaging is very simple – nothing special. They plastic feel of it is a bit unsteady/cheapy to me but the product itself makes up for it. I love the swirled design of the powder – it’s so lush! It’s also cool to see that the product is made in Italy – it just sounds much more luxurious to me :D. DSC00575 Now for the fun part – the SWATCHES! I have swatched this highlight next to a few of my other Holy Grail gold highlighters which you will see how similar they all look. DSC00621 As you can see they’re all quite similar but I feel this highlight is the closest dupe to Estee Lauder’s “Heatwave” (which was Limited Edition). All I can say is that I think I found my new favourite highlight. Yup, I know I keep posting about similar highlights but I can’t help this crazy addiction I have! Definitely keep an eye out for this gorgeous highlight – you will not regret picking it up. Now if only it was possible to find in Canada darn it!


XOXO Julia ❤

5 thoughts on “Laura Geller: Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey

  1. Hi julia, do you have twitter?

    there is amazing eye look you posted on May 5th and I love the colors. In the description box you have the shadows listed…but what color did you use on your waterline???

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