Hi beauties!

The cosmetic company “Makeup Addiction Cosmetics” was kind enough to send me their new pigments and highlighters out for review! They are known for their awesome brushes (which I use on a daily basis & love) but now they are coming out with a more broad range of cosmetics which is exciting! They have 12 pigments at the moment (for some reason I only have 11 to show for you guys.. one went missing!) and 4 highlighters. You can purchase their items on their website.

The company is from the UK so the prices of the items are listed in British Pounds which can be a bit confusing but when checking out of your specific country they do the conversion for you of course. The prices of the individual pigments are £6.00//USD$9.36. You can also get a package of all 12 pigments for £65.00//USD$101.42. Each pigment is 2G/0.07 oz which is quite a lot of product! The highlighters are £14.00//USD$21.84 each and are 12G/0.42 oz which is also a lot of product!



The one complaint I have about the pigments is the packaging. They come in a little twist off container but they don’t have the protective barrier in them which only disperses a small amount of product at a time, therefore making it quite messy to use! Other than that, I really love these pigments and despite the mess they make to use, I will still make the effort to use them because they are just so pretty!


Here are swatches of 11 of the 12 pigments without any primer – just on their own:


Here are swatches of the pigments wet (I used MAC fix +):


The pigments are just stunning… I love how much depth each pigment has. They show up different than they look in their container most of the time because a lot of them are blended with other colors to create an awesome duo/multi chrome effect! They’re just so pretty. My personal favorite is “French Manicure”. It’s so unbelievably stunning, even more so in person. In the pan it looks quite pink but when it’s swatched there is this gorgeous golden/peach to it! It reminds me of the MAC pigment in “Melon” but I actually prefer this one more.



Their four highlighters come in a lose pigment form as well but they are more finely milled which makes them blend seamlessly into the skin!

Here are swatches of the 4 highlighters dry (no primer/base used)


Here are swatches of the 4 highlighters applied wet (I used MAC Fix +)


You can really see their true beauty when they are swatched wet. My personal trick when applying highlight to my face is I mist my face with a setting spray such as MAC Fix + and then apply my highlight while my face is still moist. It truly makes the highlight POP and I cannot wear highlight without doing that trick! “Snow Gold” looks quite white in the pan but when it’s on your face there is this beautiful golden sheen that just really comes out and adds a gorgeous glow. “Orgasmic” is described as a rose gold which it pretty much is. It’s a pinky golden shade that’s just stunning. “Mermaid Beam” has a more white base with an iridescent green in it which adds a cool, dynamic look! “Bronzified” is exactly that – a bronzey highlight which will look stunning on those who are medium to deep in skin tone. Overall, I’ve really been enjoying these highlighters and they truly give you a huge size which will take forever to finish which is always a plus!

Once again you can purchase their products on their website and they offer worldwide shipping! They are also offering free international shipping on all orders over $38.00 which ends on Aug 3, 2015 🙂



  1. Ooh these look beautiful!! I’m obsessed with playing with colors 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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