Hi beauties!

Anastasia Beverly Hills recently came out with a new Limited Edition eyeshadow palette called the “Self-Made” Palette. It’s a beautiful palette with fourteen shades ranging from “neutral taupe to obsidian black”. You can purchase the palette on their website and other places where Anastasia products are sold (Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, Nordstrom.. etc) It is a Limited Edition palette so if you want it, i’d definitely get my hands on it as soon as possible! It retails for USD$35.00 which isn’t that expensive in my opinion for the quality of shadows you are getting!


Front packaging


Back packaging


Actual palette (front)


Back of palette

The palette itself is cardboard based but the texture on it is quite interesting! It feels sturdier than their usual palettes and you can tell more went into the packaging in this one. I really like the feel of it and also the fact that it’s not bulky & very travel friendly like all of their palettes usually are!


There is also a little mirror included inside & a double sided eye shadow brush as well which is definitely a plus!



The majority of the shades have shimmer/glitter in them and that’s the one thing I wish was a bit different as I wish there was a medium, matte neutral shade for the crease. There’s a stunning matte brown “Hot Chocolate” which is just perfection. It is a deep brown though and I wish they added a nice medium brown for blending. I do like to use “Sherbert” in the crease as it’s not completely matte but it’s more of a velvet/satin finish that still looks great in the crease but it’s quite light so if you are medium to deep in skin tone I don’t really think it will show much. Other than the lack of matte colors in this palette, it’s really beautiful and the quality of their palettes are always on point!

Here are the swatches of the shadows on my arm, from top to bottom, left to right (no primer used):


Pink Champagne: A rose gold with a titanium finish.
Metallic Plum: A dark plum with a metallic finish.
Self-Made: A deep bronze with a satin finish.
Witchy: A khaki gray with a sparkle finish.
Blush: A light beige with a duo chrome pink finish.
Blossom: A lilac pink with a metallic finish.
Buttery: A buildable beige with an ultra-matte finish.


Deep Purple: An amethyst purple with a titanium finish.
Treasure: An ultra-light Champagne with a metallic finish.
Hot & Cold: A rum brown with a metallic finish.
Sherbert: An ultra-light peach with a velvet finish.
Isla: A sea foam green with a duo chrome gold finish.
Spirit Rock: A galaxy black with a sparkle finish.
Hot Chocolate: Rich, cocoa brown with an ultra-matte finish.

Overall, I think the palette is beautiful. The quality is great and the shades are beautiful. My only gripe as I said earlier was that I just wish they had at least one matte medium crease shade, but other than that the palette is truly beautiful! You really can’t go wrong with ABH palettes as the quality is just always there. You’re getting an awesome amount of shades to play around with and they’re all so pigmented and blendable. I really recommend their palettes and if you like this one, don’t sleep on it as it as, as I said, Limited Edition. Let me know your thoughts on the palette!


Xo Julia ❤


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