Hi beauties!

The company “Makeup Addiction Cosmetics” recently came out with their very first eye shadow palette called “Flaming Love”. It’s a beautiful eye shadow palette with 8 large shades inside that are mostly warm-toned with a few pops of color thrown in. The company is from the U.K but they offer worldwide shipping on their website – you can purchase the palette here. It retails for 25 Pounds (which is USD$37.98//CAD$50.72)


Front of the palette


Back of the palette

The shadow names are written on the back of the palette.

DSC03870The palette comes with a mirror included inside which is an awesome plus! The shadows are magnetized inside the palette and can be popped out if desired or rearranged which is cool that they give you that option quite easily! The eye shadow pans are much larger than your regular shadows (think of the MAKE UP FOR EVER “Artist Shadow” pans – they’re about that size if not a bit larger). You’re getting a lot of shadow which is awesome and the pigmentation of these are just amazing. I was so pleasantly surprised when I swatched the first shadow – SO buttery and pigmented and not powdery at all!



The metallic colors almost feel and look like a pressed pigment – they’re so amazingly pigmented and smooth. Their eye shadow formula is just amazing. The mattes are also extremely pigmented and smooth and aren’t powdery like a lot of mattes can be. I was really impressed with these shadows… being their first eye shadow palette I really think they did a fantastic job.. I can’t wait for them to come out with more shadows/palettes!!

Now for the swatches on my arm with NO primer used:


From left to right: Whisper, Belize, Eden, Flaming Kisses, Goldilocks, Amethyst, Savannah Dessert, Brownie

Whisper: Metallic Beige – think champagne

Belize: Metallic Turquoise – think peacock

Eden: Duo chrome pink with gold flecks – think rose gold

Flaming Kisses: Matte burgundy red – think rusty

Goldilocks: True gold – think treasure

Amethyst: Duo chrome purple – think jewels

Savannah Dessert: Matte orange based brown – think earth

Brownie: Matte dark brown – think chocolate

I’m always drawn to earthy, warm toned colors so when I saw the beautiful ones included in this palette I was so excited. Flaming Kisses and Savannah Dessert are soo beautiful. They’re similar, yet different at the same time. Flaming Kisses is more of a pink/red rusty shade while Savannah Dessert is an orange based earthy brown. Then you have your gorgeous pops of color like the aqua blue metallic Belize and the du0 chrome purple Amethyst. I also love how they added a nice rich, chocolate brown to add dimension to your looks.



Overall I would definitely recommend this palette! If you love warm, earthy shades and also some beautiful vibrant colours, you will LOVE this palette. The quality and pigmentation of the shadows is amazing and you’re getting a LOT of product. They did a fantastic job on their first eye shadow palette and I hope they come out with more palettes/shadows like these.


XO Julia ❤


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