Hi beauties! I was recently in awe when I received this ginormous package in the mail with the entire collection of Colourpop Cosmetics new “Crème Gel Colours” & “Crème Gel Liners”! Can we just take a moment to appreciate their PR packaging? Love it!


They came out with 24 “Crème Gel Colours” & 24 matching “Crème Gel Liners”. Talk about a lot of liner! You can purchase them on their online website. The Crème Gel Colours retail for USD$6.00 each & the Crème Gel Liners retail for USD$5.00. You’re getting the amazingly low Colourpop prices with their amazing products – something I really adore about the brand. They’re extremely affordable and the quality of their products are always just amazing. I really wonder how they can manage to make their prices so low! Their products are also made in the U.S (L.A to be exact) & they are proudly cruelty free! Yay.




The Crème Gel Colours are in a little pot, and if you’ve used a gel pot eyeliner, it’s the same concept. I really love their shade range – they have gorgeous pops of colour and even some beautiful metallics/glitter Gel Colours & Liners. They really outdid themselves with the crazy shade range.


Crème Gel Colours





Here are swatches of the Earth tone Crème Gel Colours & Liners

Crème Gel Colours

DTLA, No Shame, Best O, Call Me, Stomper, Show Me, Get Paid, Dirty Talk, Kicker, Timber, Swerve.

Matching Crème Gel Liners (Same names & order as above)

DTLA: Deep blackened blue

No Shame: Saturated blackened violet

Best O: Deepened burgundy

Call Me: Deep plummy brown

Stomper: True cool-toned brown

Show Me: Vivid true copper

Get Paid: Metallic rose gold

Dirty Talk: Soft metallic gold

Kicker: Bright true silver

Timber: Cool-toned slate grey

Swerve: True onyx black


(NOTE: I’m missing the shade “Over Board” which is a warm metallic bronze because by accident they sent me 2 “Stomper” which is why I only have 11 shades swatched above)


Here are swatches of the bright & colourful Crème Gel Colours & Liners

Crème Gel Colours

Exit, Punch, Poppy, Boots, Cry Baby, Piggy Bank, Bee Sting, Prank, Zulu, Maybe, Workout, Fast Lane.

Matching Crème Gel Liners (Same names & order as above)

Exit: True bright white

Punch: Brilliant canary yellow

Poppy: Vibrant warm orange

Boots: True hot pink

Cry Baby: Cool-toned pastel lavender

Piggy Bank: Vivid red violet

Bee Sting: Intense turquoise blue

Prank: Bright periwinkle blue

Zulu: Vivid pastel sea foam green

Maybe: Vibrant grass green

Workout: Blackened forest green

Fast Lane: Intense blackened teal

Crème Gel Liner

Ever since I’ve received these liners I’ve been seriously using them every day. The Crème Gel Colours are extremely pigmented and last all day. The only downfall is that some of them can be a bit dry and not glide on the lid as easy. I noticed that the ones with shimmer were harder to make a clean cat eye with. Their black Crème Gel Colour “Swerve” is now one of my favorite matte black gel liners. It wasn’t as dry as the metallic ones and it is very black and lasts all day on the eyes. It’s awesome for making that dramatic cat eye! I have to say my favorite items have been the Crème Gel Liners! It’s so hard to find an awesome liner pencil that is pigmented and will last on your waterline. THESE DO!!! They go on extremely pigmented and buttery on the waterline and honestly, by the end of the day it’s still there, on my waterline! I was seriously soo happy with how long they lasted. For USD$5.00 they’re so much better than any other high end liner pencil I’ve tried. They’re also awesome because you don’t have to sharpen them – they are twistable. You just have to be careful when using them that they don’t break off so just twist them up slightly because I’ve had one break off a bit due to the fact the liner is slim and very delicate.

2015-12-03 11.01.55
Wearing their Crème Gel Liner in “Prance” on the waterline
2015-12-03 11.02.35
Wearing their Crème Gel Liner in “Punch” on the waterline
2015-12-03 11.03.22
Wearing their Crème Gel Colour in “Swerve” to do my cat eye wing

For the rest of my makeup details, it’s all listed on my instagram account @juliasallure

 Let me know your thoughts on their new Crème Gel Colours & Liners!

Xo ❤ Julia


  1. Julia,
    You could wear a paper sack and bad makeup and still look gorgeous.
    You are beyond beautiful.
    I would buy these if they could guarantee that I would look half as good as you, lol!
    Thank you for sharing the pics.

  2. Great review! I enjoyed it from the very beginning to the end. Keep on doing this useful reviews Julia. XOXO from Venezuela. @biglove4makeup.

  3. Hey girl hey!!! I have followed you on instagram forever but I’m so happy you are on wordpress:) I just ordered a bunch of things from Colorpop, I hear great things!

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