Hi beauties!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is truly knocking it out of the ball park with all of their new items this year in 2016. It’s only halfway through January and they’re already launching some awesome new products! I just reviewed their new Glow Kits  here if you missed that post. Today I am going to be reviewing their new Brow Definer’s that they just launched. It apparently took them two years to formulate this product which is quite impressive. I was sent 3 shades from their collection but they have 10 shades overall to match every hair colour. You can purchase the Brow Definer’s on their website here. They retail for USD$23.00 each. I also think you will be able to find them in select stores such as Macy’s and Sephora where they also sell Anastasia products so keep an eye out for that.


Each Brow Definer is double ended with one end as the retractable mechanical pencil and the other end is the custom spooley to help blend the brows. I definitely appreciate the spooley on the end of each brow product.



The Brow Definer’s are interesting in that they are thicker than their classic “Brow Wiz” pencils and these ones have a “Triangular Tip” which gives three angles for application. It’s made so you can outline and fill easily with one product which is awesome. Here is a comparison between the Brow Wiz and the Brow Definer:


The Brow Wiz is on the left and the Brow Definer is on the right. You can see how the Brow Wiz is much thinner compared the the Brow Definer.


You are also getting much more product with the Brow Definer. The Brow Definer gives you 0.2 g / 0.007 Oz while the Brow Wiz gives you 0.085 g / 0.003 Oz. The Brow Definer is USD$23.00 while the Brow Wiz is only $2.00 less.. USD$21.00. In my opinion you’re getting much more bang for your buck with their new Brow Definer’s.


The unique triangular tip is made to give you three angles for application which is:

THIN: Use the sharpest point of the tip to create fine, hair-like strokes.

MEDIUM: Use the angled part of the pencil to create thicker, hair- like strokes.

WIDE: Use the pencil on it’s side to create broad strokes.

Here are swatches of the three shades I was sent. I did a bunch of different strokes just to show you how thick and how thin you can go with the pencils, just depending on the angle you use.


Their 10 shades consist of:

Blonde, Taupe, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Caramel, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Ebony, Granite. You can try to colour match yourself on their website as they have swatches of each shade there.


The consistency of the product is on the hard side which is good because it’s not so soft that the product will smear. The hardness of the product allows you to get that good definition and strong detailed line to create the fine, “brow-like” hairs. There is no where that states it is a waterproof formula but I can tell by swatching it that it will last a long time on the brows as it was hard to wash off. I needed to use an eye makeup remover to remove my swatches properly which is always a good sign when testing longevity of a product! Overall I really enjoy these new Brow Definer’s and can’t wait to play around with them more. If you love their Brow Wiz I am sure you will love these as well! Let me know your thoughts.




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