Hi beauties!

Colourpop Cosmetics recently launched their awesome new “Ultra Satin Lips” line and were kind enough to send me the entire new line to test out and review for you all! If you’re familiar with the brand you know that they have their “Ultra Matte Lips” line which is their matte liquid lipsticks. Those are very pigmented and dry completely matte and transfer proof. I personally don’t mind the dryness of those but I know a lot of people don’t find liquid lipsticks in general too comfortable because of how drying they can be. If you’re one of those people then this new “Ultra Satin Lips” line by Colourpop has answered your prayers! These new Ultra Satin Lips are extremely pigmented and set to a comfortable satin/matte finish but they aren’t drying at all and unlike the Ultra Matte Lips, these will transfer. They released 16 shades so far in the line and also 7 new “Lippie Pencil’s” to go with them. Not every Satin Lip shade has a matching lip liner to go with it but you can find tons of options from Colourpop’s existing lip liner collection that will go with the new shades as well. You can purchase Colourpop’s new collection from their online website here. The Ultra Satin Lips retail for USD$6.00 each (the same as their Ultra Matte Lips). Their Lippie Pencils retail for USD$5.00 each.






The Ultra Satin Lips have the same packaging as their Ultra Matte Lips.


They give you a doe-foot applicator and the formula is not quite a mousse and not quite too ‘liquid-y” – it’s kind of in the middle of the two. When it dries on your lips it almost sets like a matte lipstick with a bit of a sheen but it doesn’t have the uncomfortable dryness to it which I love. It does transfer if you are eating/drinking but it actually lasts so much longer than your typical matte/satin lipstick which is amazing. It’s very long wearing considering it’s not a liquid lipstick!


Here are swatches on my arm of the first 8 new Ultra Satin Lips.

From left to right: Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, Lyin’ King, London Fog, The Rabbit, Panda, Marshmallow. 

Magic Wand: a light, peachy nude

Echo Park: a slightly warmer peachy nude

Dopey: a mid-toned dusty mauve

Lyin’ King: a saturated raspberry

London Fog: a cool-toned blue red

The Rabbit: a bright fuchsia with a subtle blue sheen

Panda: a deep pink violet

Marshmallow: a greyed out lavender 

From left to right: Mess Around, Petit Four, TooLips, Frick N’ Frack, Tansy, Cozy, Lost, Prim

Mess Around: a mid-tone grey beige

Petit Four: a deep charcoal grey with a touch of blue

TooLips: a deepened plum brown

Frick N’ Frack: a rosy terracotta

Tansy: a medium-toned yellow brown

Cozy: a true orange red

Lost: a warm-toned brown red

Prim: a dark blackened red


Now for the Lippie Pencils ❤

They released 7 new shades to their ever-growing collection of Lippie Pencils. I absolutely love their lip liners and have to say they’re one of my favorite lip liners out there for the fact of how pigmented and BUTTERY they are. I seriously cannot live without them! They also sent some of their already existing lip liner shades that they said could work awesome with their Ultra Satin Lips as well.



From left to right: BFF, BFF2, BFF3, Frick N’ Frack (NEW), Dopey (NEW), Brink

Pinks & Plums


From left to right: TooLips (NEW), Ellarie, Creature, Dalia, Leather, Flawless



From left to right: I Heart This, Lyin’ King (NEW), London Fog (NEW), Clique



From left to right: Petit Four (NEW), Wet, Marshmallow (NEW), Pitch


Once again I think that Colourpop killed it! I’m a sucker for lip products and their new Ultra Satin Lips are such an awesome addition to my collection. You’re getting the best of both worlds with these as they’re long lasting, extremely pigmented and non-drying. You can’t really ask for much more than that from a lipstick! I highly recommend even trying just one to see if you like the formula. They’re only USD$6.00 each and they currently ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and APO’s from their website. Let me know your thoughts on this new collection & if you’ve tried them/ or want to try them!


❤ Julia ❤


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