Hi my loves!

I was recently sent a bunch of single eyeshadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills for PR and as I was organizing them all into a magnetized palette (I made this one myself with magnetic adhesive sheets and an empty old palette) I thought it would be a sort of helpful post to show you guys & swatch my entire ABH Single Eyeshadows! I have 45 shades out of the whopping 84 shades in their collection! Their shadows come in a variety of different finishes ranging from Satin, Velvet, Titanium, Metallic, Duo Chrome, Shimmer, Sparkle & Ultra-Matte. Each shadow single costs USD$12.00. They offer bundles on their website which you can: Add 4 Eye Shadow Singles for $40 + FREE Empty 4 Well Palette* or Add 8 Eye Shadow Singles for $70 + FREE Empty 8 Well Palette* which is a nice perk they offer!


They just came out with 6 new Spring shadows which were also sent to be that you will see being swatched.




Here are the swatches on my arm of each shadow with NO primer used.

From left to right: Vanilla, Fresh, Blanc, Lace, Sateen (NEW), Gleam


Vanilla – Buttery White (Velvet)

Fresh – Ivory Pink (Ultra-Matte)

Blanc – Snowy Ivory (Ultra-Matte)

Lace – Soft antique cream (Ultra-Matte)

Sateen – Brilliant Champagne (Satin)

Gleam – Shimmery peach champagne (Metallic) **Note** Can’t find this shade on the website – not sure if it is discontinued!

From left to right: Custard (NEW), Touch of Lilac, Baby Cakes (NEW), Party Dress, Glisten, RTW

Custard – Warm sand (Ultra-Matte)

Touch of Lilac – Soft frosted purple (Metallic)

Baby Cakes – Pastel pink (Ultra-Matte)

Party Dress – Radiant golden peach (Shimmer)

Glisten – Shimmery Beige (Metallic)

RTW – Peachy Fawn (Velvet)

From left to right: Party Dress (Reformulated), Burnt Orange, Fawn, Surface of the Sun, Amber, Belize

Party Dress – Radiant golden peach (Shimmer) **Note** This was recently sent to me and if you look at the swatches right above I also have Party Dress but I believe that was an older one that was sent to me and this new one seems to be reformulated. If you compare the shades the old one had really no base colour and some golden shimmer – it was quite blah in my opinion. This new one has a beautiful rich peach base with some light golden reflect glitters. Definitely approve of this reformulated shade!

Burnt Orange – Deep orange (Ultra-Matte)

Fawn – Soft, neutral olive (Ultra-Matte)

Surface of the Sun – Warm, shimmery gold (Titanium)

Amber – Rich, multi-dimensional gold (Titanium)

Belize – Sandy taupe (Satin)

From left to right: Blazing (NEW), Birkin, China Rose, Henna, Comfort (NEW), Topaz

Blazing – Brick Red (Ultra-Matte)

Birkin – Warm beige mauve (Ultra-Matte)

China Rose – Rosy peach metallic (Duo chrome)

Henna – Coppery brown (Titanium)

Comfort – Antique copper (Satin)

Topaz – Bronze gold (Satin)

From left to right: Red Earth, Dusty Rose, Buon Fresco (NEW), Beauty Mark, Hot Chocolate, Intense Gaze

Red Earth – Reddish brown (Ultra-Matte)

Dusty Rose – Dusty Lilac (Velvet)

Buon Fresco – Antique Lavender (Ultra-Matte)

Beauty Mark – Matte eggplant (Ultra-Matte)

Hot Chocolate – Warm dark brown (Ultra-Matte)

Intense Gaze – Warm bronzed pink (Satin)

From left to right: Macaroon, Truffle, Plum Smoke, Not Today, Aubergine, Prussian Blue

Macaroon – Sweet, pastel lavender (Titanium)

Truffle – Brown with burgundy shimmer (Titanium)

Plum Smoke – Vintage, bronzed plum (Velvet)

Not Today – Deep purple with silver sparkle (Sparkle)

Aubergine – Deep inky purple (Ultra-Matte)

Prussian Blue – Reflective peacock blue (Titanium)

From left to right: Chocolate Crumble, Stone, Fudge, Cognac, Dark Chocolate Shimmer, Brownie, Chiffon, Peacock, Emerald

Chocolate Crumble – Smoky amethyst (Metallic)

Stone – Light ash gray (Ultra-Matte)

Fudge – Rich warm brown (Ultra-Matte)

Cognac – Copper-flecked brown (Titanium)

Dark Chocolate Shimmer – Dark brown with shimmer (Sparkle)

Brownie – Gold-flecked brown (Titanium)

Chiffon – Antique gold (Titanium)

Peacock – Deep, jewel-toned green (Titanium)

Emerald – Rich forest green (Metallic)


Ah, at last! Those are all of the swatches of my entire Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadow collection! As you can see, without primer the shades swatch beautifully. They’re pigmented and buttery and they’re among one of my favorite single shadows. Some shades are better than others, as with most brands. I really love their Ultra-Matte & Titanium finishes of the shadows. The Titanium finish shadows will give you that foiled eye shadow look. They really killed it with that finish – they’re soo good & will make your eyes POP! Their Ultra-Matte shadows are such a great matte shadow. They’re pigmented and buttery and blend like a dream. Overall I really love my collection of ABH shadows and can’t wait to continue playing with them and creating more looks that you can find on my IG: @juliasallure. They really have such a broad variety of shadow colors and finishes and you will honestly be able to find any shade you are looking for. Let me know what shades you have and if there are any of your favorites you think I would love!

ABH Website: here

XO Julia ❤


  1. Buon Fresco looks amazing. Love these swatches and that palette is what a girls dreams are made of! X

  2. They are lovely. I have four and really like them. The individual prices are a little high. I wonder I’d they might lower then since Mac lowered theirs. The quality of Mac shadows has lowered,

  3. Love all the swatches! Very Helpful! In your opinion would you get Buon Fresco if you already had Dusty Rose and Day Rate? They all look very similar…..

  4. I just bought eight of these shadows and I absolutely adore them. I purchased them at Ulta and they didn’t have any more of the free quad palette (irritating!) so I bought an Ulta Z Palette with works perfectly. I don’t know why these eye shadows don’t get more attention.

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