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I’m back with such an exciting launch by BECCA Cosmetics & the beautiful and talented Jaclyn Hill. This “Champagne Glow” Collection is their celebration of her now permanent highlighter “Champagne Pop” that she designed with BECCA. You can purchase the entire Champagne Glow Collection on the Sephora Website & it will be available in ALL Sephora stores on June 16, 2016.




Let’s begin with my favorite product of the bunch.. the STUNNING…

“Champagne Collection Face Palette”

This palette is confirmed to be LIMITED EDITION which is a bit heartbreaking because I’m truly obsessed with it. If you’re going to get just one thing from this collection try to get your hands on this Face Palette – you will not regret it!


Can we just take a moment to look at the beauty of this palette. I looove the way they designed it and it’s the perfect compact size – amazing for travel. Jaclyn stated that it had a “meaty” feel to it in the sense that it’s not flimsy feeling. It feels really sturdy but it’s also really light – not heavy at all which is awesome.



It also comes with a great quality mirror which is such an awesome perk to have a nice mirror included in your palette.. again awesome for travel!


This is what it states on the Sephora website:

The limited-edition Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette has five shades of highlighter and blush to illuminate all skintones. Every shade was designed by Jaclyn Hill, to allow you to mix and match so you can create endless layers if light and color for the perfect custom glow.

The palette includes 2 highlighter shades which are “Champagne Pop” – the original shade that truly started it all (a soft white gold with pinky peach undertones) and her new baby “Prosecco Pop” (a medium warm gold, inspired by liquid gold). There are also 3 new blush shades also designed by Jaclyn. “Rosé Spritz” is a “Luminous Blush shade” (a soft peach pink with pale gold shimmer). Then there are 2 “Mineral Blush shades” which are “Amaretto” (a matte toasted almond) & “Pamplemousse” (a matte warm coral pink). This palette retails for USD$52.00//CAD$59.00.








Prosecco Pop

As you can see “Prosecco Pop” is more on the yellow golden side and “Champagne Pop” is more of a pinky peach. Jaclyn stated that “Prosecco Pop” was also geared towards those with a deeper skin tone as sometimes “Champagne Pop” could look a bit ashy on deeper skin tones. My personal favorite is to mix them both as I have shown above. OMG. It’s just the perfect highlight in my opinion. Just the right amount of peachy tones and golden tones. Would it be asking too much if they created a separate highlight of the 2 mixed together?! Lol. A girl can dream. I’m seriously obsessed with them both though.. Jaclyn once again killed it with this collection. It’s a highlight fanatics dream!



My favorite of the blushes are Rosé Spritz & Amaretto. I’m obsessed with those terracotta blushers and Amaretto gives me LIFE! Rosé Spritz is just another level as well. It has the most stunning golden sheen that just makes your cheeks ILLUMINATED! The coral undertone is everything also. It just makes my cheeks happy. Pamplemousse is a beautiful bright coral matte shade that will also look amazing on those with a deeper skin tone. As you can see even the matte blushes aren’t like a chalky matte – they remain matte yet they still give a subtle glow that just adds some life to your skin. Of course leave it to Jaclyn to kill it with the blushes also! Overall the Face Palette is just perfection and I definitely recommend getting your hands on this baby!

“Champagne Collection Eye Palette”



I love the packaging on this palette as well. It’s a sturdy plastic that’s all gold-reflective. I’m happy it’s not in cardboard packaging as you know it will not get busted up while travelling and such!



This Eye Palette is also going to be Limited Edition.. It contains 5 new limited edition shades featuring warm neutrals with a mix of lustrous and matte shades. Jaclyn Hill personally created “Champagne Toast” especially for this palette. The palette retails for USD$40.00//CAD$48.00.


This palette also has a nice little mirror included which is a plus! The shades are 0.06 oz each which is slightly larger than a typical M.A.C eyeshadow pan for reference which is 0.04 oz.

From left to right:

Chardonnay: a sheer gold with undertones of pink and flashes of soft yellow

Champagne Toast: a reflective peach with a dash of cinnamon

Cordial: a matte rose with warm undertones

Cognac: a flattering matte coffee

Bordeaux: a matte rich wine with chocolate undertones



The shades are unbelievably smooth and buttery and super pigmented. I really like how there are 2 beautiful metallic shades and 3 matte shades. Chardonnay is such a gorgeous highlighter shade that will look amazing on the inner corner of your eyes or just all over the lid for a shimmery lid. I really love Champagne Toast (the shade Jaclyn personally created). It’s a gorgeous metallic warm golden shade and it looks amazing all over the lid paired with the matte shades from the palette in the crease. I love me some neutral shadows so I definitely approve of this palette! It’s also very travel friendly 🙂

“Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Crème “


This Poured Crème highlight in “Champagne Pop” is a permanent item and it is their poured version of Jaclyn’s shade “Champagne Pop”. This product is a cream, not a powder and it gives off a more subtle glow. It retails for USD$38.00//CAD$46.00. It’s a bit smaller than the powder highlight – here is a comparison.


The Poured Crème is on the right and the pressed powder formula is on the left just for a comparison.



There is it on the skin. It gives a subtle golden hue and I would definitely recommend it for those who don’t want a crazy highlight but prefer a more lit from within look. It will also be great for those with more mature skin or who have more texture to the skin.

“Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid”



I was so excited when I found out they turned Jaclyn’s Champagne Pop shade into their Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid formula! A lot of people love their other shades in this formula so I was thrilled to know they made Jaclyn’s Champagne Pop a permanent in this formula! This retails for USD$41.00//CAD$50.00. This is a liquid illuminator that you can use to wear under/over your foundation, mixed in your foundation and even just alone on your bare skin to add a beautiful glow. You can even put it all over your body on areas that you want to give a beautiful glow to. It’s such a versatile product!


There it is on the skin UNBLENDED, just to show you the consistency of it


There it is blended all over my arm – you can see the beautiful, luminous glow it gives.

“Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed”


Last but not least, the highlight that started it all… “Champagne Pop”! This is of course included in the Champagne Glow collection as it was all based on this one beauty. This, thank goodness is also a permanent highlight in the BECCA line, so you can be sure to find it around! It retails for USD$38.00//CAD$46.00.


This pressed formula gives a high-shine finish in a creamy powder formula. It’s perfect for intense highlighting and layering.


Left to right: Prosecco Pop & Champagne Pop


There it is loves! The entire “Champagne Glow” collection. Let me know what your favorites are and if you managed to pick anything up! Don’t forget you can purchase the entire Champagne Glow Collection on the Sephora Website & it will be available in ALL Sephora stores on June 16, 2016.

The beautiful Jaclyn Hill – the girl who created it all! 

Congratulations again to Jaclyn for this amazing collection!



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