Bobbi Brown New Highlighter “Afternoon Glow”


Hi beauties!

Bobbi Brown just released three new beautiful highlighters! The collection is called the “Sunset Pink Collection” and on the Bobbi Brown website it states that:

Magic hour is that amazing moment just before sunset when the sun casts incredibly warm, soft light that illuminates skin. That’s the inspiration behind the Sunset Pink Collection and the gorgeous new shades of our best-selling Highlighting Powder—the high-impact, light-reflective formula makes skin glow, no matter what time of day it is.

I really love the idea and concept behind these powders that they are based on that “magic hour” right before the sunset which is just such a magical time and really does make everyone have this ethereal glow! I picked up 1 of the 3 shades that came out from the Sephora website in the shade “Afternoon Glow”. Each compact retails for USD$46.00//CAD$54.00. The price is pretty steep but Bobbi Brown is pretty high end and you are getting a good amount of product (0.28 oz) and the packaging is quite sturdy and definitely not cheap! Which is what you would expect after paying such a high amount for a highlighter.




The whole collection of highlights are very warm and more on the pinky golden side. The shade I have “Afternoon Glow” seems to be the one that’s the most on the gold side which to me is my favorite type of highlight. I love how golden highlights look on my skin! This one isn’t too gold but it definitely leans more golden than the other 2 which I’ve seen to look much more pink. This shade is a pinky, golden champagne.


On the website it states that the packaging is limited edition but it doesn’t say anywhere that the highlight itself will be so I’m not sure about that unfortunately. I really hope this shade isn’t limited edition as it’s so unique and beautiful!


As you can see it’s a very soft champagne with a lot of pink in it and some soft gold as well. It’s truly a unique and beautiful shade.




The product itself is so silky an smooth and truly blends out like a dream! If you’re familiar with the other Bobbi Brown highlighters similar in look to this one such as “Bronze Glow”, they have that same texture that’s just really buttery and not chunky or powdery at all. I have a comparison between my other Bobbi Brown highlight in Bronze Glow and this one in Afternoon Glow so you can see how they differ.

Left: Bronze Glow, Right: Afternoon Glow



Bronze Glow is much more golden and deeper than Afternoon Glow. I feel if you’re more on the pale side Afternoon Glow will be more suited towards you. You can see how much more pinky Afternoon Glow is compared to Bronze Glow! Overall I really love this new shade from Bobbi Brown and I would have to say if you’re looking for a more every day highlight that Afternoon Glow would be your best bet as it’s not too pink and not too golden so it’s the perfect in between! It really packs a punch so if you want a more natural look you definitely have to be light handed with it! I really love this shade and the formula can’t be beat! Thumbs up for this new highlight ❤


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