ColourPop: Ultra Glossy Lips


Hi loves!

I was in total awe when I received this crazy package from ColourPop showcasing their NEW “Ultra Glossy Lips”. They came out with 21 Ultra Glossy shades and they are fantastic! Can we just take a moment to appreciate this PR packaging…! They always kill it with the packaging. Even though these were sent to me, I will always give you my 100% honest opinion on them! I am a super fan of ColourPop for many reasons… they have super affordable prices and their products are just great.. no denying it! These Ultra Glossy Lips retail for USD$6.00 each which is the same price as their Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin lips. I definitely like the consistency and I definitely like the price! You can purchase them on their website here. (& great news that they recently got international shipping! woo)



What’s nice about their Ultra Glossy Lips is that although they are all a gloss, they have three different finishes. There is “Sheer”, “Crème” and “Metallic”.



Here are the swatches of each shade on my arm:

From left to right: Honey B, Master Plan, Bestie, Tarot, Fairy Floss, Casino, My Jam, Cheat Code, Thotful, Catalina.

Honey B (Crème finish): A vivid magenta

Master Plan (Crème finish): A mid- tone dusty plum

Bestie (Crème finish):  A mid- tone pink nude

Tarot (Crème finish): An intense orange red

Fairy Floss (Sheer finish): A pale beige 

Casino (Sheer finish): A pinky red

My Jam (Metallic finish): A warm golden nude shimmering with silver and gold

Cheat Code (Metallic finish): A rich copper

Thotful (Sheer finish): A pastel pink liliac

Catalina (Sheer finish): A soft lavender

Left to right: Tokyo Tea, A Boo, Saddle Up, Tight Fit, Fluff, Crystal Ball, Dropout, Finders Keepers, Wolfie, Weho, Piranha

Tokyo Tea (Crème finish): A bright coral red

A Boo (Sheer finish): A light peach nude

Saddle Up (Sheer finish): A bright tangerine

Tight Fit (Metallic finish): A light peachy pink with highlights of pink, silver and gold shimmer

Fluff (Crème finish): A mid-tone cool grey

Crystal Ball (Metallic finish): A deep forest green with a hint of blue

Dropout (Sheer finish): A chocolate raspberry

Finders Keepers (Crème finish): A mid- tone mauve pink

Wolfie (Metallic finish): A rich rosy pink with a flash of gold on top

Weho (Crème finish): A creamy beige 

Piranha (Sheer finish): A pastel baby pink

There they are… all 21 new Ultra Glossy Lips! I really love their shade selection and how they have the different finishes. They’re glossy but not sticky and they don’t have any specific scent to them which is good for those of you who don’t like scented products. Overall I’ve really been enjoying them and think they’re such an awesome product & for only USD$6.00 it really can’t be beat! Let me know your thoughts on the new Ultra Glossy Lips and which shades you have your eye on!


XO Julia ❤

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