ColourPop: Rainbow & Tie-Dye Super Shock Shadows


Hi loves! ColourPop recently launched some beautiful, BRIGHT & colourful super shock shadows! They re-launched 4 tie-dye shades and 6 bright, rainbow inspired hues! I believe there is a very limited quantity of these shades so get them while you can! They retail for USD$5.00 each and you can purchase them on the ColourPop website.


Once again… ColourPop kills it with their PR packaging.. how freakin adorable?!


“Mermaid Kiss” Tie-Dye Super Shock Shadow
From left to right: Summer Lovin, Meow, Erotic, Animal, Glowstix, Fizz, Too Shy, Fantasy, Pop Rocks, Mermaid Kiss

Summer Lovin (Tie-Dye): A soft metallic beige bronze

Meow (Tie Dye): A light gunmetal doused with tons of pink, violet and silver glitter

Erotic: Super neon candy apple red with sparkling pink and copper glitter

AnimalElectric bright neon coral with a subtle flash of gold

Glowstix: Electric neon yellow with a glisten of glitter

Fizz: Electric neon yellow green laced with multi-dimensional glitter

Too Shy: Electric neon cobalt blue packed with violet, aqua, silver glitter with a magenta flash

Fantasy: Electric neon red violet topped with multi-dimensional glitter

Pop Rocks (Tie-Dye): A cool toned cornflower blue with a shi#load of multi- coloured glitter in a metallic finish

Mermaid Kiss (Tie-Dye): A bright neon yellow green with pearlized finish

I’m seriously loving these bright, electric shades! They’re so fun for the summer and come on, who doesn’t love that glitter?!  I definitely do! If you’re not familiar with ColourPop’s shadows, they have a very unique consistency in that they almost feel gel-like mixed with a mousse-y texture and they just glide on so pigmented and easily leaving a gorgeous pop of colour! (Hence the name..haha) The shadows set nicely on your lids and don’t transfer so you won’t have a glittery mess all over your face! They’re one of my favorite formulas and I just can’t get enough of their shadows! Totally loving this Rainbow & Tie-Dye collection. What are your thoughts? Are you digging the tie-dye and neon shades?! Let me know. ❤

XO Julia

2 thoughts on “ColourPop: Rainbow & Tie-Dye Super Shock Shadows

  1. Wow a rainbow, indeed! Too bad the rainbow case is only a PR thing and not able to be purchased – they’d sell a heck of a lot of this as a set. The shade Fantasy is quite stunning!

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