BECCA x Jaclyn Hill: Champagne Split Pans & Slimlights


Hi loves!

Once again, BECCA & Jaclyn Hill are at it again! Can we just take a second to look at these split pans?! Ah… what a beautiful visual right there. They were so kind enough to send over a PR package with all four Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duos (USD$38.00//Limited Edition) and their new Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight (USD$28.00) along with the Champagne Collection Angled Highlighting Brush (USD$28.00//Limited Edition). You can purchase these items at Sephora (in stores & online).




As I’m sure many of you know that Jaclyn Hill created her “Champagne Pop” highlighter with BECCA Cosmetics (now a permanent staple from the brand) that took over the makeup industry & she just recently introduced a limited edition sister shade which is “Prosecco Pop” that was available in a limited edition highlight/blush set. To finish off her beautiful #champagneglow collab with BECCA they have released another limited edition product which contains some of BECCA’s blushes along with Jaclyn’s highlighters and even some of the blushes that were seen in her previous collab with them.

The Champagne Splits contain 1 blush and 1 highlight. There’s 4 of them and 2 have the Champagne Pop Highlight & 2 have the Prosecco Pop highlight adorned with 4 different blushes for each duo.


Champagne Pop // Flowerchild
Champagne Pop // Hyacinth
Prosecco Pop // Amaretto
Champagne Pop//Flowerchild – Prosecco Pop//Pamplemousse – Champagne Pop//Hyacinth – Champagne Pop//Amaretto

I really love the concept of the split pans! I love how the compacts look & feel. They are really shiny and I love the soft golden mixed with silver look and how they come with a mirror as well! The highlight/blush duos are also great for travel as it’s a 2in1 product which I love! They are limited edition so if you can, try to get your hands on them before they sell out! (PS – I would have loved a split pan with Champagne Pop & Prosecco Pop highlights as I love to mix them! Maybe in the future?? hehe) The 2 blush shades “Amaretto” & “Pamplemousse” were 2 limited edition shades that Jaclyn had created for her previous Champagne Glow Face Palette (that was also limited edition). Flower Child & Hyacinth are part of BECCA’s Mineral Blush collection that is permanent and you can buy them separately.


You can also purchase the beautiful Limited Edition Angled Highlighting brush that comes with the collection. It’s so visually appealing as I love the shiny gold & silver and the bristles themselves are so soft and luscious! Love it.


The final addition is the Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight pens! They are NOT limited edition so you can get them whenever – no rush! They have three of them at the moment – one is in Jaclyn’s “Champagne Pop” shade and the other 2 are shades from their other highlights which is “Pearl” & “Topaz”.


They are retractable and they’re a solid yet creamy & blend-able consistency and were made to give a more “precise” highlight.

Champagne Pop, Topaz & Pearl

There it is! The rest of the Champagne Glow collection. I seriously ADORE what BECCA & Jaclyn have created together. They really made some magic. Let me know what your favorite products in this collection are! ❤

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XO Julia ❤

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