Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Corrector Palette


Hi my loves!

I was recently on the hunt for some great color correcting products as I feel I didn’t really have any “stand out” products in my collection. I came across some Graftobian products and saw this beautiful “HD Glamour Creme Correcting Palette”. To say the least, I definitely knew I had to try it! It had some great reviews and it’s by a brand that many makeup artists use and love so I figured why not! I bought mine off of the website Camera Ready Cosmetics. I’ve used this website plenty of times before so I knew it was reliable! The palette costs CAD$37.44 which wasn’t too step of a price considering you’re getting 5 HD shades (Size: 0.39oz / 11gm). I purchased the Light corrector palette but they also have a Dark corrector palette for those who have deeper skin tones which is awesome!




The palette itself is made of a clear acrylic casing so it’s nice and sturdy. The packaging is very simple – you can see the colors through the transparent front and it’s quite small and compact.


On the back there is more info with the names of the shades and what the specific colors are used for which is great for those who aren’t quite sure which shades are used for what.

(You can also buy each shade separately from the website which is awesome because if you find you only need 1 or 2 shades more specifically you can always just repurchase those specific shades instead of the whole palette again every time. The shades are CAD$13.55 each if you buy them separately and you will be getting 0.25 oz)




Soft Orange: Blue neutralizer 

Yellow Hi-Lite: Cancels deep red and purple

Muted Green: Removes redness

Pink Hi-Lite: Counteracts grey or brown

Extra Hi-Lite: A light highlighter 

These color correctors are extremely creamy and pigmented so a little will go a long way. They are super creamy but they don’t get cakey which I love! They go on nice and thin & even and have great pigmentation. They aren’t meant to be concealers so you use them before you apply your foundation/concealer. They claim to be HD so you know that they will photograph nicely! I really love this palette and couldn’t be happier with it. I finally found a great color correcting product and I think if you’re looking for something like this, definitely give this one a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed! Let me know your thoughts and if you enjoy color correcting!


XO Julia

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