ColourPop “Ultra Metallic Lip” New Shades


Hi loves!

ColourPop released some new shades to their “Ultra Metallic Lip” collection! In the beginning of July, they originally came out with 4 metallic shades that I reviewed here. They were more on the berry/pinky red side so I was happy to see that they extended their line and added some beautiful lighter shades. You can purchase them off of their website here. They retail for USD$6.00 each.



From left to right: DM, PYT, Flitter, J.I.C, Salt, Lights Out

DMrich copper in a Metallic finish

PYTsoft dirty gold in a Metallic finish

Flitterwarm pinky undertone with flash of gold on top in a Metallic finish

J.I.Clight cool-toned ivory sprinkled with a ton of pink and silver glitter in a Metallic finish

Salt cool-toned taupe in a Metallic finish

Lights Outsoft gold in a Metallic finish

I really love the shade selection of these Metallic Lips! My favorites are Flitter & J.I.C – they’re just such beautiful metallic shades and have such a beautiful look on the lips! You can even match them with lipgloss to add a unique glossy finish or just leave them as they are. The formula of these Ultra Metallic Lips are like a mix between a satin and a matte. I’ve heard mixed reviews about these as some people said they can be patchy but I haven’t really had a problem with them. I feel because they are metallic it takes a bit more time to even out the color but I haven’t really had much trouble with them. The only thing I can say is that when they dry (if you just put them on by themselves) they can fade a bit chunky and sometimes it will ball up on the lips if you rub your lips together, so my tip would be to try to not rub your lips together too much if you have them on. That was my only complaint! For the price I think it’s totally worth it to try out if you’ve been wanting to see how metallic lips would look. Let me know your thoughts on the metallic lip trend and which shades you’re eyeing!


XO Julia

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