ZOEVA Concealer Spectrum & Contour Spectrum

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ZOEVA will be launching these two new “Concealer Spectrum” & “Contour Spectrum” palettes on September, 12th 2016. You can purchase these palettes on their online website here. I wasn’t given the price of these palettes yet, but looking at some of their other similar palettes, I think it they will range from USD$15.00/$25.00 but once I find out for sure I will list the exact prices.



The palettes are sleek and light weight making them perfect for travel. They seem to be cardboard based and have a layer of an almost “velvety” coating on the outside (think Lorac palettes). What I love about ZOEVA’s products is that they are great quality and their prices are very reasonable. These palettes are “100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates” & are made in Italy.

Contour Spectrum Palette
Concealer Spectrum Palette


Contour Spectrum Palette


CN010: a matte, soft yellow (great for brightening)

CN020: a medium based brown (great for a warmer contour)

CN030: a pearly white with iridescent gold (great for highlighting the cheekbones, nose etc)

CN040: a cooler toned brown (perfect for hollowing out the cheekbones and sculpting the face)

This palette is filled with 4 contour and highlighting shades. They are all in powder formula (no creams here). I really love the shades they chose. They give you 2 highlights and 2 contours. CN010 is a matte yellow based powder that’s great for brightening under the eyes, down the bridge of the nose and under the cheekbones to accentuate your contour. I like that it’s matte and light but still has that hint of yellow. CN030 looks really white in the pan but when you swatch it, is has a golden iridescence that is really nice for highlighting the high points of your face. CN020 is the warmer of the contour shades that is nice because it’s the perfect in between – it’s not too cool toned and not too warm so you can use it to contour and even bronze your face up as well. CN040 is the cooler toned brown that is much more on the grey/brown side that is perfect for contouring because it gives you that more realistic “shadow” in the areas you want to define. Those 2 shades are completely matte with no shimmer.

Concealer Spectrum Palette


CC010: light salmon corrector (counteracts grey/brown, great for brightening under eyes)

CC020: light peach

CC030: medium peach with more orange

CC040: light yellow based shade

CC050: neutral shade with more yellow

CC060: medium neutral with more yellow

CC070: stark white (great for mixing to lighten other shades)

CC080: caramel tan shade

CC090: rich chocolate brown

This palette gives you 9 concealer shades that are made to “provide the perfect base to a flawless complexion”. I’ve been playing around with these concealers quite a bit and have really been loving them. They are creamy but yet they aren’t too creamy to where they slide off the skin and don’t cover. They conceal really well. I love the fact that they included a light pink shade as I’ve been using it under my eyes before I conceal and it really helps to brighten. The only thing you have to be careful of is that since it’s a bit of a thicker consistency, you have to make sure you don’t use too much under the eyes as it will look cakey. Other than that it’s great for concealing blemishes and brightening! I do wish they had another palette for much darker complexions as you can see if you are more tan/darker there are limited shades for you. Maybe they will release a darker concealer palette in the future? I do love how they included a white shade in there as I’ve been seeing other companies do it and find it quite interesting. With the white you can truly lighten up any shade to create your perfect colour. Definitely enjoy that aspect! Overall I really love both palettes and think the quality is great. Let me know your thoughts and if you are thinking about grabbing yourself one them (or both! lol)

Once again, they will launch on their website on September 12, 2016.

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