Hi loves!

The Australian company “PONi Cosmetics” reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their Brow Kit. Being the makeup lover I am, I of course wanted to try it out and review it for you all! I especially love discovering new companies as well so I was excited to try out their brow products. This Brow Kit contains “the essentials for creating perfect brows, every day”. Each kit contains your choice of colour Brow Powder, PONi setting wax, pro brow brush and BROW POP! This kit retails for USD$50.65. You can purchase it online here.


ps: how cute is the box it comes in?! A+ for packaging!





I have it in the “Chestnut” shade which is meant to be good for medium brown to reddish hair. They also have two other shade options which are “Palomino” for blonde to light brown hair and “Thoroughbred” for dark brown to black hair.





I really like the double sided angled brush with the spoolie brush. It makes it super convenient that it’s double sided and I love the angled brush because it’s a great size and it’s nice and thin so you can make precise lines.



The double sided BROW POP! comes with a highlighter shade and a concealer which I LOVE! They are super creamy and easily blendable.



The Brow Setting Wax looked super orangey in the pan but as you can see it actually has barely any colour and it’s great for keeping the brow hairs in place. I love the shade of the actual brow powder (Chestnut). It’s not too warm and it has just enough cool-tones in it that makes it perfect for filling in the brows.

Overall I really love this brow set and I think it’s amazing for beginners or someone like myself who just can’t get enough of brow products! They pigments are super long lasting and long wearing as well. They are not waterproof but they do have amazing staying power. I definitely love this set and let me know your thoughts and what you think!

XO Julia


  1. This brow kit looks awesome! I love the fact that it has brow highlighter, concealer, powder, brushes, and gel all in one!

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