Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette: Rose Gold Edition


Hello beauties!

I couldn’t be more excited to be reviewing a product today! Mind you, I haven’t been this excited about an eye shadow palette in a hot minute. This is the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette: Rose Gold Edition. I’m sure many of you know who “Huda Beauty” is, aka “Huda Kattan”. She is a world renowned beauty blogger and makeup artist who resides in Dubai and she is not only stunningly beautiful but extremely talented as well! She was known for her beautiful false lashes and now has been expanding her cosmetic line and I can definitely say she’s been producing some HOT FIRE products; this palette being my favorite thus far. Her palette is filled with 18 shadows, all inspired by rose golden hues. There are three finishes to these shadows from “highly saturated mattes, chrome pressed pearls, and 3D metal shadows“. They are Talc-free which is great because less filler = more pigment! The palette retails for USD$65.00 and you can purchase it off of Huda’s website here and I heard next month (November) it will be sold by Sephora as well! I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the price point of this palette and yes it is a bit more than some of the other palettes out there but I honestly don’t feel as guilty about spending more on a palette because if you look at the big picture you are getting 18, highly pigmented decent sized shadows and if you were to buy them separately you would be paying a lot more!

Outer cover that you slide off of the palette

Ps: I love how the cover for the palette has her signature Huda eyes (like on her eye lash kits)

Back cover


The palette itself is cardboard based with a clear plastic cover so you can see through the palette which I actually really like! It’s very slim and sleek which will be awesome for travelling and on the go! (I know I’ll definitely be taking this palette with me everywhere)




Huda introduced the new idea of “textured” shadows, which is what her palette’s name is. She has some highly “3D” metal shadows that are definitely not your average metallic shadow. They have a thicker pigment and “chunks” which create the ultimate metallic glow on the lids.



There are:

6 3D Metal eye shadows in:

Dubai (a smoky bronze)                                                                                                                           Fling (a sparkly cranberry)                                                                                                                       24K (a lavish gold)                                                                                                                                     Rose Gold (a lustworthy rose gold)                                                                                                       Trust Fund (a ritzy copper)                                                                                                                   Blessed (a vintage gold)

2 Chromatic pressed pearls in:

Angelic (a sweet pink with gold reflections)                                                                                     Moon Dust (an astral gold illumination)

10 Saturated Matte in:

Bossy (a statement-making maroon clay)                                                                                   Flamingo (a dashing notice-me pink)                                                                                                   Shy (a delicate dusty pink)                                                                                                                         BAE (a cream-colored base shadow)                                                                                                   Black Truffle (a decadent black – wet your brush for the darkest liner)                               Suede (a smooth transition gray)                                                                                                         Coco (a bark brown)                                                                                                                           Maneater (a ruthless mulberry)                                                                                                           Henna (a warm reddish-brown)                                                                                                 Sandalwood (an earthy deep tan)



Now for the swatches (I used NO primer)

1st Row:

From left to right: Dubai, Fling, 24K, Rose Gold, Trust Fund, Angelic

2nd Row:

From left to right: #Blessed, Bossy, Flamingo, Shy, Bae, Moon Dust

3rd Row:

From left to right: Black Truffle, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood



How freaking beautiful are those swatches?! The pigmentation is on point. I seriously love the shade selection in this palette. It’s honestly everything I could have wished for in a palette AND they included a black!! (& a super pigmented one at that). For the 3D Metal shades that are super pigmented and metallic and have a lot of thick pigment, I’d recommend spraying your brush with an adhesive like MAC Fix+ to help the pigment really stick and show off in all of it’s metallic glory! Huda also recommends using your fingers to apply the 3d Metal shades which can work well also. She says that she even dreamt of the colors in this palette and I can definitely see why – they are truly like a dream! I definitely think this is the nicest palette I’ve seen all year – especially if you’re into warm shades like myself. If you are, you definitely NEED to get your hands on this palette. As for availability, I know it’s always sold out but be patient and keep an eye on social media to keep you informed. I do believe this palette will be permanent, so if you can’t get it right away, just be patient! I can’t wait to see what other palettes Huda has in store for us – I hope she continues with the “Textured” palette line and adds more color editions! That would be AMAZING! Let me know your thoughts on this palette and which shades are your favorite!

XO Julia


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