T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe (Review & Demo)


Hi beauties!

T3 Micro was kind enough to send me their new Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe to try out and review for you all! I was really excited to try them out because I’ve tried some hot rollers in the past but they never really seemed to work out for me, but I’ve always loved the concept and how using rollers really makes a difference in comparison to using a curling wand. You can purchase these rollers on their website here. It retails for USD$119.00. You get:

  • 4 XL (1.75”) and 4 LG (1.5”) rollers (8 in total)
  • T3® HeatCore™ Technology delivers ideal styling temperature
  • 2 heat settings transfer balanced heat
  • Velvet flocking boosts shine and grips with no tangles
  • Insulated rim makes handling and wrapping a breeze
  • Auto World Voltage for global use (plug adapter needed)
  • 1-Hour auto-off for worry-free styling
  • 8 crease-free clips hold rollers firmly in place
  • Luxurious storage case for storage and travel


I really love the sleek carrying case the rollers come with – it’s black and leather and it’s not too bulky so it’s great to bring for travel.




The rollers have a velcro base with rubberized “handles” on each end which makes it nice and easy to style your hair and so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands. The rollers do get quite hot but the velcro and rubber on the edges really makes sure that you won’t burn yourself but the inside core heats up so your hair will have beautiful curls!


dsc07286 The rollers snap into the base where you can see how they get heated through.


You can 2 different sized rollers (4 XL (1.75”) and 4 LG (1.5”) rollers: 8 in total). 


I tested them out by just blow drying my hair quickly after I showered, making sure my hair was completely dry. I let the rollers heat up for about 15 minutes (you have 2 heating options – 1 is the highest and the other is lower). I went with the higher heat option as I have thicker, coarse hair. I put the rollers in and then gave myself around 45 minutes as I was doing my makeup to let the curls set and to make sure when I took them out, the rollers had cooled. That ensures you left them in for long enough so you get the best results!



I was soo impressed with how my hair turned out! I really didn’t think it would make that much of a difference but these rollers gave my hair so much volume and bounce! The best thing was how easy it was to use and how you just put them in the rollers quickly and then just carry on with whatever you’re doing and by the time you’re done everything else you have salon quality hair that was soo easy to achieve. I’m actually so obsessed with these rollers now and am always going to use them! It was so easy and I loved the outcome of the bigger, more luminous curls. I even got a lot of compliments when I went out – people thought I went to a salon for my hair. Overall I seriously love these rollers and definitely recommend them. What is your opinion on hot rollers? Let me know below!

Julia XO ❤

3 thoughts on “T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe (Review & Demo)

  1. Your make up is flawless. Gorgeous girl!
    Love the effect this gives your hair as well!

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