Ittsē & Coffee Break with Dani: The Lotus Collection

Hi beauties! 

I’m so excited for this post today as it’s a collab done with one of my favourite YouTuber’s “Coffee Break with Dani“. Although I’ve never met her face to face – watching her videos makes me feel as if we’ve been friends for years! haha. She lights up the room (or screen I should say) with her beautiful smile and positive attitude! When I was asked to preview her collaboration with the brand “ittsē” I couldn’t have been more excited to see what she’s been working on and I know you all will love it!

Check out Dani’s special note on The Lotus Collection below:

“This collection was inspired by a time in my life where I thought everything was falling apart, but it was actually all coming together. I wanted the colors to represent a rebirth, pure happiness, and a joyful celebration. Ever since I can remember, color, sparkles, and duo chrome anything make me so happy. So here you have four colors perfect for a party, a date, or any excuse where you want to shine! The names are also a direct reflection that no matter what happens, you can and will rise above it just like the Lotus flower – Stronger, Wiser, Better, and more Determined than ever! Don’t forget to bloom in the dirt you are thrown in!”

Love & Warm Hugs,
Dani xo


Dani created 4 stunning foiled eye shadows which are her “Lotus Collection” in collaboration with ittsē. You can purchase the four single shadows on their own or you can add on a beautiful empty magnetic palette in a shade of your choice (white, grey, navy, gold, coral or turquoise). I was sent the gold palette and it couldn’t have been more perfect (I’m a gold FIEND!) The shadows alone retail for USD$35.00 which is great because you are getting each shadow for less than $10.00 each! If you want to purchase the shadows with the palette of your choice it will be USD$50.00 which is great because you’re saving $6.99 on the palette if you buy it with the collection! ($56.99 value) You can purchase her collection on ittsē’s website HERE. (All ittsē products are paraben-free, gluten-free and we never test on animals. Made in the USA.)dsc08793

The palette itself is beautiful – it has a faux leather exterior that’s super soft and almost squishy.. plus the palette comes with a mirror! Horray.


It’s not the largest of palettes but it’s great for travel and perfect for a few of your favorite shadows!

The shadows and the gold palette

Can I just take a second to talk about how stinkin gorgeous the packaging is on all of these items?! ittsē really knows what they’re doing with packaging that’s for sure – just look at the beautiful details and gold imprint found all over?!


I love Dani’s message behind this collection also.. as read above “The lotus grows in muddy waters, rising high above the surface and opening in the sunlight to reveal a beautiful, pristine and unsoiled flower; it represents new beginnings.” How beautiful is that?


Since the shadows are “foiling pigments”, it’s recommended that you use them with some sort of foiling agent to get the best result. You can use some MAC Fix + or even one of your favourite glitter glues and then those eyes will be seen from a mile away!



Look at all that glitter and duo chrome gorgeousness!


Now for the swatches! (I didn’t use any primer for these – just swatched them freely on my arm)

From left to right: Stronger, Determined, Better, Wiser

Stronger: a pink eyeshadow loaded with teal, blue & aqua duo chrome glitter

Determined: a rich, olive gold 

Better: a deep forest green with striking emerald glitter throughout 

Wiser: a sapphire blue laced with micro fine pink and purple glitter 

Finger swatches:


As you can see from the swatches – these shadows do NOT play. They are fully loaded with pigment and micro fine duo chrome glitter one’s little heart can desire! I applaud Dani & ittsē on these beautiful shadows, they did such an amazing job on these! If you’re like me and love shadows that truly pop and are highly metallic and foiled then you will LOVE these! I really adore the shade selection she chose as they’re so rich in jewel tones and just such beautiful, classy shades. Once again, congratulations to Dani – you are killing it girl!! What a lovely collection through and through.

Check out Coffee Break with Dani’s YouTube video where she talks about her collection and covers anything else you’d like to know about it!

XO Julia

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