BECCA Highlights in “Moonstone”, “Rose Gold” & “Bronzed Amber”

Hi my loves!

BECCA was so kind to send over a holiday gift including 3 of their “Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighters“in “Moonstone“, “Rose Gold” & “Bronzed Amber“. I was super excited to see I had received those 3 specific highlights because I had never tried them before. I am a huge fan of the BECCA highlights as I think their formula is amazing and just super beautiful. I’ve been going crazy over their “Champagne Pop” & “Opal” shades so trying these out was a treat! They each retail for USD$38.00 & you can purchase them on their website here. You can also purchase them on the Sephora website and at any Sephora location/any retail store you know that carries BECCA.


(They also sent a pretty gold necklace – how pretty is it!?)


Rose Gold
Bronzed Amber

Swatches (no primer used)

From left to right: Moonstone, Rose Gold, Bronzed Amber

Moonstone: pale champagne gold

Rose Gold: soft gold infused w/ rose tones

Bronzed Amber: luminous bronze 


If you’re fair-medium in skin tone then Moonstone would be perfect for you! It has the perfect pale golden champagne hue and will give you that luminous look you desire. You can build it up or tone it down so it’s great for all occasions.

Rose Gold is perfect for those with medium-deep skin tones as it has that perfect warm, rose gold hue! It also looks beautiful as a blush topper for those who are more fair – it literally makes your cheeks look lit from within. I love using it as a blush topper for me personally as I’m a bit too fair for it to be a true highlight. It just adds that perfect rosy luminous glow!

Bronzed Amber is great to add a luminous bronze all over your face! I personally love to add it to the places I’ve already bronzed and it just makes my face look so nice and warm and luminous. If you have tan-deep skin you will definitely be addicted to bathing in it as it just gives your skin that lit from within glow!

Overall I adore these shades and love them for being so versatile also! If you’re looking for a beautiful highlight I would definitely check out BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighters as you will quickly become addicted to them! Let me know which is your favourite(s) BECCA highlights below

XO Julia ❤

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3 thoughts on “BECCA Highlights in “Moonstone”, “Rose Gold” & “Bronzed Amber”

  1. I have taken a liking to bronzers. Don’t you just love the healthy glow it gives you? So warm and Summer-like. Making anyone more alluring.

  2. Hi my name is Jessica! Ok this is gonna sound so random but here goes. Ever since Becca sent this beautiful package to some very lucky people, I fell in love with the necklace that came in it. I’ve been looking everywhere to see if I could find it for sale but no luck. Today when I was looking again I came across your website and saw that you received it. Soooo I was wondering if there’s any chance you would sell it to me? 🙈Thank you so much for your time 😁

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