Hi beauties!

Huda Beauty just launched some beautiful new “Lip Strobe” glosses which are “A collection of Strobing Metallic Lip Glosses—from sheer to full coverage—designed to be worn alone or layered with your favourite lipstick.”

There are 12 shades in total thus far and they are launching online on Sephora on June/29 & will be USD$18.00//CAD$23.00.


Ahh. how pretty are they? Major thanks to the Huda Beauty team for mailing them out to me for review! I definitely have to say I was majorly excited about seeing these beautiful strobing glosses as I’ve been totally into gloss for the Spring/Summer.




Now for the swatches:


DSC04672Foxy a full coverage wild copper

Saucey – a full coverage muted red ochre with rich gold and pink pearls

Boujee – a full coverage coral base with thin rose gold shimmers

Shameless – a chameleon sheer base encapsulating gold and pink pearls

Angelic – a light peach rosé with gold reflections

Ritzy – a semi-sheer champagne with gold and pink shimmers


DSC04691Posh a semi-sheer white gold

Enchanting – a semi-sheer prismatic white with pink reflections

Snobby – a semi-sheer light pink base with pink and gold pearls

Mystical – a semi-sheer lilac base with blue pearls

Fearless – a full coverage daring purple with copper gold reflections

Moody – a full coverage violet with multi-chromatic fine shimmers

As you can see from the swatches the glosses are all super pigmented and GLOSSY which I love. There is definitely a lot of duo-chrome goodness going on and I’m definitely not mad about it. My only picky complaint is that some of the more glittery shades can feel a bit rough on the lips and that I noticed the lip glosses have a scent to them that when they linger on the lips a bit can taste a bit bitter (almost like hairspray). I’m not sure if that was just my particular experience or if others will notice it but I had to make note of that. Other than that they are truly stunning – worn alone or layered over any lipstick/stain. Let me know your thoughts below and which shades are your favourite!


XO Julia ❤

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