NARS: New Powermatte Lip Pigment & Precision Lip Liner

Hi my beauties!

NARS has just released some new hot fire products and they were so kind enough to send some over my way so I could review them for you all! They just launched a new line of “Powermatte Lip Pigments” in 20 shades. It is quoted to be “A liquefied pigment and zero-gravity feel deliver infinite matte color saturation with ultra-flexible long-wear“. Along with their new liquid lips, they also launched 26 “Precision Lip Liners”! These lip liners claim to have “a formula that saturates with budge-resistant color. Laser-focus precision sharply defines with ease. Cross the line. Go over the edge in 26 matte shades.”

Canadian Retailers: Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart



Price: USD$26.00//CAD$34.00


I was sent 9 out of the 20 shades to try. For starters, I really LOVE the packaging. It’s super sleek (but I would expect nothing less from NARS) & I love how there is the clear line in the packaging to see the colour through the packaging.


The applicator is quite thin and has a slightly pointed tip which is great to give a nice and precise application. I was honestly super impressed with the pigmentation of the liquid lipsticks – they glided on the lips with such ease and gave FULL pigment with only one swipe. The formula really is what they claim – it’s super lightweight and has a hydrating feel to it while still being extremely pigmented. It also dries to a smudge-proof matte which you can hardly feel on your lips. If you hate when liquid lipsticks feel heavy and cakey on the lips then you will LOVE this one because it is soo lightweight. I think it’s honestly my new favourite liquid lipstick formula. Super impressed!


Swatches on my arm


Lip swatches


Walk This Way: Rose Pink

Save The Queen: Dusty Mauve

Give It Up: Fuchsia

Done It Again: Chocolate Brown

Slow Ride: Soft Brown Pink

Starwoman: Vivid Blue Red

Rock With You: Deep Mulberry

Wild Night: Deep Lilac

Paint It Black: Black

The formula is consistent with all 9 shades that I’ve tried. I know they have 20 shades all together but from what I can see online I don’t think they have any super light nude shades which is something I’d really love to see in this formula!


Price: USD$24.00//CAD$30.00


Available in 26 matte shades, the new Precision Lip Liners. There is literally every shade you would need – including a black lip liner which I’ve never seen! Their formula is budge-resistant and super pigmented. If I could compare them to any other lip liner, it would be the classic M.A.C ones. They are your classic pencil liners that you have to sharpen, which I actually prefer as I find you actually get more product and it breaks less.




Overall, I’m super impressed with NARS’s new releases. They honestly exceeded my expectations – especially the Powermatte Lip Pigments. I definitely recommend you at least try one of those if you decide to try anything from their new releases! Let me know your thoughts on the new products and if you’ve snagged any for yourself!


XO Julia

6 thoughts on “NARS: New Powermatte Lip Pigment & Precision Lip Liner

  1. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve been hearing that NARS tests on animals WHICH IS NOT COOL. It’s awful because I love their products, I really hope it’s fake. ugh.

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