Hi beauties! Morphe was kind enough to send me over their new, upcoming “35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette. This new palette will be releasing on October 12th so definitely save that date in your calendars! You don’t want to miss out on this baby! I’m sure you all very well know the original Morphe “35O Palette” that took the makeup community by storm! This is the new sister palette that has a bit more “pizzaz” (in my humble opinion). They are releasing it to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the original 35O Palette. The 35O palette came into the makeup world 2 years ago and really left an impression on the entire community. It was one of the first eyeshadow palettes that offered you the quantity & quality you desired and also the PRICE you desired. It has those beautiful warm shades that weren’t seen as much back then and it was truly the most coveted eyeshadow palette! The new 35O2 palette retails for the same price as the original 35O palette which is still available on the Morphe website and at their store in California (3424 WEST MAGNOLIA BLVD.
BURBANK, CA 91505). They both retail for USD$23.00.

The original 35O Palette


The new 35O2 Palette


As you can see, the two palettes are similar but they’re different enough to justify having them both! haha. The original 35O Palette has its warm shades but it now looks much more subtle compared the the new 35O2 Palette which is much more vibrant & rich. I also love how the new 35O2 Palette has a nice rich matte black shade included – that’s what I always wished the original had. Both palettes have 35 shades included in an array of different finishes from matte, metallic & satin.

Front of the outer packaging

Back of the outer packaging

Front of palette

Back of palette

This palette, unlike the original 35O Palette has names written on a plastic sheet over the shadows when you first open the palette. I love how they added names to this palette which is a great step! I do wish the names were written on the actual palette as I definitely won’t be keeping the plastic sheet around for reference (but at least I can look back on this photo).



The shades are super rich and this palette is a completely warm-toned palette. When I look at it, all I see is FALL. All of the rich, burnt oranges and copper tones have me super inspired for this season!

Now for swatches:


The shadows are all super pigmented and very blendable. The quality is really on point in this palette, they definitely did not disappoint which I was super happy about. The metallics are ultra pigmented and buttery while the mattes have that same buttery texture. Being a warm toned shadow lover I really love this palette & will be getting a tonne of use out of it! Let me know your thoughts on this palette & if you think you need it or not in the comments below!

XO Julia ❤


8 thoughts on “MORPHE 35O2 “SECOND NATURE EYESHADOW PALETTE” (Swatch & Review)

  1. this palette looks so pretty, i think im gonna get it! your swatches are beautiful! i hope the formula is really great!

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