Hi beauties!

J.Cat Beauty recently launched their new “Holographic 3D Eye Toppers” and sent me all 6 of them to try out. These toppers retail for USD$6.99 each and you can purchase them on their website. I also believe Ulta carries J.Cat Beauty & even Forever 21.


These toppers claim to be holographic, but I wouldn’t really say they were – I’d say they are more duo-chrome. Beautiful nonetheless but definitely not truly holographic. They have a light-weight sheer texture and they are long-wearing. Once they dry, they really won’t be going anywhere and I find that they did not transfer on me which I LOVED! Nothing I hate more than glitter that transfers everywhere and pretty much ruins your look!


At the moment they have only 6 shades and they come in a mini tube with a “lipstick” like applicator.


They state that these are eyeshadow “toppers” which are meant to be placed over any eyeshadow look to add that extra pizzaz but you can also use them alone – up to personal preference! I’ve tried them both ways and they look beautiful either way you wear them.




Wink Tink: greenish, yellow with a hint of blue

Azul Lemonade: purple/ bronze with aquatic blue 

Viridian: purple with bright periwinkle blue

So Poppy: cranberry red with pink

Pinch Me, Peachy: peachy & pink

Unicorn Hype: dark & light purples

The swatches don’t really do the beautiful duo-chrome goodness justice, but as you can see they are truly sparkly and beautiful! They have a lot of dimension and they are just super beautiful! Worn alone or on-top of any eyeshadow I think they are super useful and for the amazing price, totally worth it! They are easy to use as you don’t have to mess around with any loose glitters and they really do make ANY look that much more outstanding! I am a sucker for anything that’s glittery, beautiful and easy to use while being affordable and these guys really have all the boxes checked. I really hope to see this line expand with more gorgeous shades! (I’d love to see some more bronzey/golden shades as well as some beautiful light pink champagne ones). We will have to wait and see but I totally commend them for this line and recommend it! Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.


Julia ❤

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