Hi beauties!

BUXOM just released 20 new “Va-Va-Plump™ Shiny Liquid Lipsticks”. Unlike the highly popular matte liquid lipsticks that can leave your lips sometimes feeling a bit dry and drab, these BUXOM ones are said to plump your lips while giving off long lasting “shiny” high-colour pigmentation. They do not dry matte & they are not a typical gloss – I’d say they are a hybrid between a matte and a gloss, quite literally a lipstick in “liquid” form. I would compare them to the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips but the difference is that these look more shiny on the lips in my opinion & these offer a lip plumping benefit.

They retail for USD$20.00/CAD$24.00 & you can purchase them off of the BUXOM website & at Sephora.


How cute is the neon lip sign that BUXOM sent over?! ❤


I was sent 15 out of the 20 different shades. There are a nice variety of colours ranging from beautiful peachy nudes, sexy mauves, bright pinks & vibrant reds and deep plums.


You can see the colours through the see-through writing on the packaging which is quite nice!


The applicator applies the product nice and evenly on the lips & it has a bit of a curve to it which I find helps apply the liquid lipstick more precisely.

Here are the swatches of the 15/20 shades that were sent to me on my lips!


I really love how these liquid lipsticks feel on the lips! I am quite partial to matte liquid lipsticks for the sheer fact of the smudging & fading that regular lipsticks tend to do but this formula really is smudge-proof & fade proof! It last super long on the lips and because it doesn’t dry matte it feels so comfortable and nourishing on the lips! I also did notice when you put it on, the plumping factor makes your lips tingle a bit in the beginning (nothing crazy or uncomfortable) but I notice that it does seem to fade the longer you wear the lipstick. I can’t really say I noticed my lips becoming super plump but it did slightly make them appear more “juicy” if that makes sense! haha. Overall I think the formula is amazing and I love the colour selection! Let me know your thoughts & if you have any favourite shades in the comments below. ❤


XO Julia

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